Monday, April 28, 2008

A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

Last Friday was the graduation of the newest members of the F16 community... For those who don't know, Luke Air Force Base is the main training base for F16's, training the nations qualified individuals the in's and out's of flying the complex machine. Since this was our first graduation to attend, and John had a significant contribution to the student's learning (as one of the Instructor Pilots) I was reminiscent of John and my brother's "B-course" days, when they lived in Ohio and were flying with the Springfield Guard. My, how things have changed since that time- more responsibility, less late nights and a whole lot of growing up!! In remembrance of those crazy guys, crazy parties and crazy days, I've posted a few pictures.

Raging in the car

I always thought this picture was hilarious (Alred's face smashed on that girl)

The guys- singing their songs

Playing Dinosaur
Mid-course party- experiencing the Shot-Ski

Me, Pam and Alysia (before Grad night)
Me, Kate and Dana at the party before graduation

Playing '007
Graduation Night


Anonymous said...

Fun times... seems like forever ago.
How are those girls, by the way?

Chey's Dad said...

Man! Five years sure flys by fast, doesn't it?
Too bad I don't remember too much of the party, especially after the Shot-Ski's. Of course it could have been the two or three six packs, or the six or seven shots of Jerimiah Weed, or...

Mom said...

Great trip back in time! Good pics of old times - memorable ones! And the neat thing --we were all there (or at least many of your blog readers) That was a wonderful last hurrah where we got to enjoy our adult (that may be questionable!) family one more time before everyone went his/her own way in life!!! : )