Friday, August 29, 2008

The First Outing

I'm making good on my "phantom" entry.

Life has changed ALOT! John and I have grown accustomed to the freedoms of couple dome- recreating often, heading out whenever we feel like it... and having Riley sure has challenged that. I'm not saying it's bad... No! Not at all! Riley is so much fun and I feel so much purpose for my life each time I look at his little blue eyes. We hope to incorporate Riley into our lifestyle instead of molding our life completely around our new addition. So last Saturday, we were both eager to get out of the house! Most of the first week home was just that... at home. We watched an inordinate amount of telivision, and there were days where I did not ever step foot outside. So needless to say, we were really wanting to get out and do something.

We headed over to Cabella's (hunter's haven) and from there strolled over to West Gate, a nearby shopping/sports complex (in fact it's where the Superbowl was held earlier this year). We had meals coming all week from our Church family and that night, our good friend Notch brought us over sandwiches for dinner. So we packed up those sandwiches, threw in a few other snacks and had a little lawn picnic in a grassy area near a waterpad where tons of children at play froliced through the spouting water as parents observed from the dry outskirts. During all this fun, a live band was set up and playing harmonious melodies to be enjoyed by all! It was the perfect "first outing!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our boy's a super model...

At least you would think so with how many pictures I've been snapping of him. This is only a sampling of the many shots but for fear of redundancy and your interest diminishing, I'll keep a limit on them. Even though his daily activities consist of sleeping, crying, a little looking around and lots of feeding (which you will NOT see any pictures of!), I still manage to snap off a bunch for your viewing pleasure!! Anyway- we're gearing up for our first day in the outside world... Wish us luck and enjoy the pics!

The first Family Photo
Father and Son
Naked Baby!
in the Peanut Shell- grabbin' onto my shirt strings (and heart strings for that matter)

introduction to Cana (he was crying before the licks.. Cana was just trying to cheer him up)
Doing what he does best- Sleep

Grandma Winslow checking out her grandson
The adoring Grandma's
Homecoming Welcome Committee

Say Uncle!

Most of you have kind of figured this out, but to make it official via blog I want to welcome our new perfect and handsome nephew- Baby Brenden! I have to chuckle since I became a Mom and an Aunt all with in a day- that's right... My brother, Trav and his wife Pam gave birth to their bouncing baby boy THE DAY AFTER us! Wow- imagine how much fun the boys are going to have at family gatherings.. I envision best of buddies growing up! Anyway, if you haven't already, check out baby Brenden on their site and admire the awesome Anne Getty-esque photography of their new son!!!

It's been actually quite busy with the crazy feeding schedule- this kid really eats!!! And I haven't had much time to update... So please forgive my late updates but between feedings and naps and other house stuff, we'll get 'er done!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...

Monday, August 18th

Well, here is the post that you all have been waiting for with bated breath...

I will start this post by saying that John and I were planning on a "natural birth" which focus on relaxation and knowledge instead of using medication. We decided to do this because studies have shown that babies are subjected to the narcotics that the mom takes during the birthing process (and opiate based drugs can't be good for a little baby). In addition, the use of medication results in a much higher likelihood of a C-section and a lower likelihood of being able to bond/nurse in the first hour of life which is very important for mother-baby bonding. We attended a 2 month class (one night a week), called the "Bradley Method" and we did quite a bit of homework. John and I both read 2-3 books and John even re-read his books a couple of times! We planned on doing the majority of our labor at home since the hospitals really push epidurals and c-sections if the baby isn't on "their timeline". We were prepared at home and in the car, all the way down to an "emergency bag" with sterile water, a large bowl, lots of towels, first aid, knives, and flashlights... We planned to head to the hospital towards the end of 1st stage labor (average is 15-19 hours for a first timer) and arrive before 2nd stage labor (the "pushing labor" which takes an average of 2-4 hours). Alright, now for the good stuff...

5:45AM: I awoke to a loud knock in my pelvis which turned out to be my water breaking. I got out of bed and waited 15 minutes to wake John up.

6:01AM: I woke up John after having 3 contractions in 15 minutes and I told him, "I think this may be the 'real thing'". John immediately put on his "Labor Coach" hat and began to monitor my contractions and note my symptoms to determine where I was in my labor. Because my contractions were so erratic, John decided that I was probably in "false labor" and he recommended going for a walk since that can help stop false labor.

6:15AM: We went for a walk and my contractions stabilized to 2 minutes apart and 45''-60'' in duration and I became more symptomatic (nausea, GI issues). John finally became convinced that this was the "real deal"!!!

6:30AM: We were back in the house and my contractions were still stable at 2 min apart and 60'' in duration. After a bout of vomiting up all the water that John was making me drink, I went to the shower to try and relax. I spent about 20 minutes in the shower letting the water run over my back and tried to relax through the contractions.

6:50AM: John got me out of the shower and dried me off and went back to bed to work on relaxing through the contractions. John coached my labor and massaged and talked me through the contractions. He was so sweet, doing his best to use the relaxation techniques! I think I was more tensed that relaxed most of the time. I would be relaxed as the contraction started, but then as it peaked I would tense up and yelp. These were some really painful contractions and honestly, they were way worse that I thought they would be.

7:15AM: My contractions were still stable and becoming progressively more intense and I tried to convince John to take me to the hospital. John, being the labor coach, knew to watch out for certain signs to take me to the hospital and he thought that I just wanted the drugs (which it was crossing my mind at the moment!). John's job was to keep us at the house until just before the pushing started and considering we had only been in labor for a little over an hour, he didn't think it was time to go yet (like I said before, the average is 15-17 hours of this)!!

7:20AM: I finally convinced John to take me to the hospital. By convinced, I mean I swore at him to "Take me to the ------- hospital!!". John immediately decided that we were a LOT further in labor than we should be at this point.

7:30AM: We finally got to the car. It took 10 minutes to get to the car because my contractions were so close and so strong. We were both starting to get worried because I had a strong urge to push with my contractions (and to be honest, I couldn't NOT push).

7:40AM: John is driving like a man with a purpose trying to get us to the hospital, which was about 35 minutes away on a good day. I am having very painful contractions in the front seat and doing my best not to push while John tries to coach me while driving. Everytime I had a contraction, I told John that I felt the baby coming out. His response was "It's okay, babies aren't born in 2 hours and you've only been pushing for 5 minutes. The baby is NOT coming out." After each of my contractions John would feel for the baby coming out and nothing was there and he would reassure me.

7:45AM: John feels during a contraction and feels the baby "crowning" though my underwear. I swear, his eyes went as big a dinner plates when that happened. He immediately dialed 911 and pulled over to the nearest paved open area that wasn't a gas station. It turned out to be the "Desert Gardens" apartment complex right by Luke AFB.

7:50AM: John is in frantic motion while I am sprawled out on the front seat of out car. I have no pants on, the 911 operator is talking to John through the car's bluetooth headset, and I can look down and see Riley's head poking out. John has a basin of sterile water underneath me and he has the first aid kit out and ready. He sets up clean towels all around and grabs the first passerby ( a girl named Miriam) to help! Let me tell you, there is no modesty in the midst of delivering a baby. I was naked as the day I was born and I didn't care who saw - I just wanted that kid out!

7:53AM: The 911 operator is coaching John through the delivery and John is coaching me through labor. The head comes out and John is worried that Riley isn't breathing or crying and he starts to panic for the first time. Then Miriam says she sees Riley's eyes moving and John gets back into gear yelling for me to PUSH!!! John has a towel around Riley's head and he is gently pulling and I push.

7:55AM: I momentarily get hung up on Riley's shoulder's, but I give one last hard push and he seems to come out all at once. John immediately checks him to make sure he is breathing and okay and then wraps him in the towel and gives him to me to nurse. He is wrapped up on my chest and crying for all he is worth. John cuts a length of shoe lace and ties off the umbilical cord while Riley is on my chest.

7:59AM: The paramedics arrived and the first words out of their mouths is "Well, it looks like you have a pretty good handle on the situation. There is nothing for us to do!". They ended up cutting the cord and driving me to the hospital - and that's it. After the ambulance was ready, I got up and walked myself to the gurney and got in and off I went.

John met me at the hospital a few minutes later and then put us in a labor room while they looked Riley over. 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a healthy cry! A natural birth, through and through, although we both agree that it was a little more natural than we had planned on!!!

Riley Asher Wilson
Born at 7:55am
Weighing 9lbs 4oz (BTW- I didn't even tear!)
21 inches long

And perfect (of course to the new Mom and Dad!)

We had a few visitors in the hospital. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of our first visitors- some of my girl friends from the squadron.

Here's Pastor Steve, who came to see Riley and prayed over him- which was amazing of him to stop by!

Tracy and (toddler) Elizabeth stopped by to check out the little guy.

Grandma and Grampa Wilson met us at the hospital as we were being discharged.

More pictures to come from going home.

Monday, August 18, 2008

And We're Off!!

To the Hospital! OOPS.... didn't make it!!!! Riley was born along the wayside, but he's doing fine as you'll soon see!!! Preliminary stats: Born at 7:55 AM .... Weighs in at 9# 4oz and is 21" long!!!! Stay tuned for the full report once we get home! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meanwhile, in the Sweatshop...

Ever been in a waiting game that drove you nuts? Well, I am... and I was making it pretty hard on myself by not having plans through out the day- You see, I'm not working (before it was summer break and now that school is starting back up, I'm doing the "Mommy" thing so I won't be going back) and when you don't have anything planned in a day, said day sure does drag on!!! Oh, I've had projects to do but just didn't want to start something I couldn't finish.. so there I sat... waiting. Haha.

Well enough is enough. I can't wait around forever! So I resurrected the sweatshop (sewing room), only instead of my normal fare of purses, I began cutting and sewing with a different purpose in mind- a diaper bag/carry all. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go!! And SWEATshop it is since the temps outside are pushing 110 degrees and it's a small fortune to cool the entire house all day... So I keep the air on set to around 80 degrees and believe me when I say that cutting and sewing with the speed and agility that I do really gets a sweat going!

Anyway, John (the sweet and darling husband that he is) knew that I was eager to finish my diaper bag and planned a day to occupy his time as well as help me out (grocery shopping and what not) so that I could stay home and finish up the bag! Well- It's Finished!!! And although I don't fully know what kind of stuff mom's put into diaper bags, I've got it all loaded up with do-dads and thingamabobs! It's HUGE!! So now I've got a cute and compact diaper bag that my girl Krista got for me and a HUGE maamma-jamma that I can fit everything but the kitchen sink into- if need be.

Front View
Back ViewTop View (Zipped up)
Inside View
Now I'll have to find another project to occupy my thoughts and time until Riley comes!!

UPDATE: Check out my website:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To all my Peeps!

I love that you are all excited and interested in the arrival of our little Riley. John and I have the same excitement while we’re waiting for him to make his appearance. Since due dates’ are estimates at best, we are not focused on a specific date for his birth, though the 8/8/08 date would have been pretty cool. My focus right now is on providing the optimal environment for Riley until God determines that today is the day. I promise to keep you posted on the blog and once he is born, you can expect a slew of pictures. For right now, I need your patience and understanding more than concerns and questions. Please know that you’re on my “A” list and I will keep you posted during this time that can be rather overwhelming. With Love and Appreciation, John and Cheyenne

More Crazy Cana

I just can't get enough of the mid-air pictures... They bring a smile to my face! I hope that they bring a smile to yours too!

Friday, August 8, 2008

cricket.... cricket...

Well, here it is! The much anticipated "Due Date!" And I am here.... waiting. Sigh! I've been walking 5+ miles daily and will continue to do so- in fact I will continue to up the mileage. Watch out- I may be walking a marathon by the time this kid decides to show his face. I don't know that it really does anything, but if nothing else, I'm getting out and exercising! I have noticed increased pressure in the pelvic region since the walks. But other than that, I'm feeling pretty normal. Man- I really wanted Riley to come today just for the cool birthday he'd have! So anyway- no news. I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Nope.. It's just our crazy, fun dog- Cana!

And since I am thinking that the days of oogling over my lil' puppy are limited, since we'll be busy oogling over the new addition, I figure I'll give some credit to Cana now. He's such a wonderful companion and is truly "man's (& woman's) best friend." He's never far through out the day and often he strategically inserts himself in the way in order to get the desired attention.

He loves (really LOVES) swimming and leads us to our neighbors house in hopes that we'll take him to the pool. He and Bailey (their Chocolate Lab) play well together, but when we throw the toys in the water, Cana's always been the one to jump right in and swim to the toy, while Bailey runs the perimeter of the pool and jumps on the toy from a closer point. Bailey's tactic has always won out, which I don't think bothered Cana at all since he'd prefer to be in the water. Anyhow, he just figured out how he can finally get the toy before Bailey. His only shot is to fly through the air and catch it mid-air before it lands in the pool. So here's the goof ball and his acrobatic stunts!

Then there is the other trick we've worked with him on. After a couple of accidental full submersions, we figured we'd see if we could train him to voluntarily dive.. Here is our progress!