Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Evangeline...

Dear Friends and Family,

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our daughter, Evangeline Faith Wilson.  She is our beautiful baby girl and her due date is December 1, 2011.   

We are introducing you to her now because unfortunately she has been diagnosed with a severe chromosomal defect called “Trisomy 18”.  You can google the details yourself to find out more about it if you like.  Trisomy 18 has a very high infant mortality rate and is “incompatible with life”, which is doctor-speak for saying her likelihood of survival after birth is very low.  We had a preliminary screening test done which showed we had a high likelihood of Trisomy 18 in our little girl.  These results prompted a special ultrasound at a neonatal clinic in Pensacola.  The sonogram showed large cysts on Evangeline’s brain and a large hole in the pumping chambers of her heart, both of which are indicators for Trisomy 18.  We had an amniocentesis performed that same day and we got the results a few days later confirming the presence of Trisomy 18.  This is a tough time for our family as we deal with the news and it’s consequences.  Cheyenne and I want to carry the pregnancy to full term and we will do all that we can to protect the beautiful life that God has given us.  We have many questions that have no definite answers.  There is no way to know when Cheyenne will go into labor or Evangeline’s health at birth.  It is a day-to-day journey right now and we are thankful for every tiny kick and everyday that Evangeline is still with us.  We are thankful that Cheyenne is in no danger from the pregnancy and that we have the opportunity to share our little girl with you, even if only for a short time.  We rest in the comfort of knowing that there are no mistakes; God has given us little Evangeline for a reason.  We do not know God’s plan, but we do know that he loves us and his plans are not to harm, but to benefit us (Jeremiah 29:11).  We rest assured in the comfort of God’s embrace knowing that Evangeline’s life is part of His design and something we view as a tragedy, God can use as a blessing.  A lot of folks have asked what they can do.  Honestly, your prayers and friendship are all that we ask. We ask for you to pray specifically for: Evangeline’s health, Cheyenne’s emotional strength, a safe delivery, wisdom and grace for Cheyenne and I, Evangeline’s life to lead people to Christ, understanding how God can use this in our lives to bring glory to Him, and trust and faith in God and His design.  If you feel led to do more than pray, there are several non-profit organizations for children with chromosomal defects that you can become involved in or donate to.  We will post on Cheyenne’s blog, and send out more emails as information develops.  Thank you all for your friendship, support, and prayers.

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