Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 Glorious Years!

My Reality last Wednesday:

My mom came for a last minute visit since she agreed to help out an old friend with her total knee replacement surgery- who happens to live within 20 minutes from us! Of course she would volunteer... it means time with her daughter and grandson!! Yay for me- I now get to hang out with my mom for an unsaid amount of time but I'm hoping for at least through the weekend. After all, John and my 4 year anniversary is tomorrow (9/3) and that way we have a free babysitter when we do our traditional fancy dinner out this weekend to celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss. John got home from work early and seemed pretty stressed. He started a new job that is higher stress for him and he has a hunting trip coming up that he's super anxious about. I asked him if everything was alright and he admitted that he was stressed about vacation- obviously his hunting trip that he's been laying out clothing and equipment for the last 2 weeks. He was insistent that we go to bed early since he had an early flight. John does not sleep well when he's waiting for me to come to bed so I've learned to adjust my bed time to his. He set the alarm and I noticed a 4 in front... Poor guy. That's early! I offered to get up and make him lunch- that is one way that I can show my love and I know he genuinely appreciates it! He told me that I could sleep in and not to worry about it (secretly, YES!). Sleep sets in and too soon we're awakened by the blaring alarm. John mumbles and gets that panic sound in his voice (the one when you realize that your alarm malfunctioned and you've got to HURRY). "Cheyenne!" he exclaimed, "could you go down and just make me a PB&J so that I can eat it on my way to work?!" So I shuffle down stairs, more than half asleep, to make the sandwich when I notice a bag on which is written "Cancun" displaying snorkel gear and a card that read (ad lib) Happy Anniversary. No this is not a joke. We have to leave the house by 6:30am so hurry and get packed! We're going to Barcelo resort in Rivera Maya!!!
Hmm.. I read it again.
Yup- it says "this is not a joke..." but what the heck?
I understood my reality and I could not for the life of me figure out how this piece of information fit into my reality. A number of questions clouded my mind... What about Riley?? Are we taking him? And my mom- I won't get to spend time with her after all. I wonder if she knows that she came all this way for a visit to be robbed of the time with us. Oh my gosh- and Terri's wedding this weekend!! I RSVP'd! And the doctor's appointment I have today- I've got to call them!
So in the midst of my confusion, I grabbed the bread and continued the task I originally set out to do.

John jumped out from the next room and exclaimed, "So you're still going to make me a SANDWICH?!?!?! GO GET PACKED!!

Turns out that my mom was there for that exact purpose- to watch Riley while we got away on our tropical excursion! John thought of everything.. Made sure the RSVP for Terri's wedding was corrected, rescheduled my appointment.. Everything!

Thanks, honey for a wonderful surprise and an amazing time in paradise with my best friend and most amazing husband!!! You've really outdone yourself!


Pamela said...

I was wondering when you were going to post about your trip. The pics look good and I'm glad you had an awesome trip. The surprise factor just adds to the specialness of it as well (is that a word?)

BrassWillow said...

Yay! I love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! Love them! Happy Anniversary.

Mom said...

I've been waiting for the post!! It sure was fun for me!! I got to see my friend who really did have a total knee replacement, and I had a lot of fun with Riley! Sorry I didn't get him speaking in sentences while you were gone! : )

Jamie Massey said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!! Happy anniversary! Wow. What a great story!

Jamie said...

What a wonderful surprise!! Happy Anniversary!

JonandLo said...

Points for John! How fun..congrats on 4 years!