Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission News

John and I are very excited to announce that he will be going on a mission trip to Ghana from January 13-24, 2010!! I was planning to go but the little bug inside me is holding me back.. Love you lil' bug. Although I'd love to go, I am thrilled that John will be representing our family and serving the Lord!

We are looking forward to God working through us to accomplish His will in Ghana!

If you are willing and able, we prayerfully ask that you consider supporting us financially on this trip. A large portion of the proceeds goes to building a church. More importantly, we are seeking people to be praying for him and the group as they prepare for this trip and as they minister to the people of Ghana. If you would like to support in prayer or financially, please print and mail this form (This opens a PDF document that you can print).


Mom said...

WOW... that's awesome that John can go even if you can't. John, you're AWESOME! I'll bet it will be humbling as it was to Guatemala! Helps to really appreciate what we have and most of the world does not! And in the process, you are really helping people that need and appreciate your hard work. You know I'll be praying for you!!!

Chey's Dad said...

For some silly reason I was thinking Guyana.
Yeah, yeah, back to South America... environment not unlike Guatemala… blah, blah.
But, Ghana! The famous Gold Coast of Africa! Wow! What a great mission!
Of all my worldwide travels, that part of Africa never made my itinerary… I’m envious.
Come back with lots of pictures and a journal of your activities and impressions.
May the Good Lord bestow blessings on your mission, that many will discover the glory of Jesus the Savior!