Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lessons Learned

I've learned that you can only (very) temporarily take the wind out of the sails of a toddler! Even with the broken clavicle, Riley was down for 4 days but now he's very much back up and running!! Here's my proof!

Busy toddler is back to his full time job of getting into EVERYTHING! In this case, my baker's cupboard.

In case you were wondering, this is powdered sugar!! He found out rather quickly.
Look at those busy lil hands spreading the stickiness all over my floor.
Another lesson I've picked up... a busy toddler makes for a very busy mommy.


Mom said...

I LOVE your pics!!! They're definitely worth 1000 words! In high school, Riley will have so much fun looking at the antics he'll not otherwise remember!!! Yum... confectioners sugar, but it makes you cough if you breathe it in!!! :) I'm glad his are is feeling better to him!!

Monica said...

Glad he's feeling better Cheyenne, and I'm glad you grab a camera in moments like this.

BrassWillow said...

One of those, do you yell or laugh moments. Great pictures!!

Jenny Brooks said...

Where WERE you!??! that looks like it took a bit of time to get in to! Glad he's feeling good tho'! You know with falls, you never can tell, they just have to land the "right" way. Ben when he was 2.5 fell off a playground that was a 4 foot drop and nothing happened to this day i am surprised.