Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nunez Family Photography

I was asked to do a photo shoot on fathers day of a fun family with fun ideas. It was a quick shoot but I got a couple keepers. I've been working on my photoshop techniques learned from my brother and playing with textures as well as working to grab the best face from different pictures and adding them to make one super photo. Here are some of the pictures that I am proud of.


Two girls' mommy said...

you're doing a great job with your photography, Chey! your pictures turn out GREAT!

That 'face replacement' feature (for lack of a better title..hahaha) is one of the first 'big' things i learned on photoshop and one of the most useful when taking pictures of the girls!!!! it's impossible to get them both to smile at the same time...or look at the camera, or stay in one spot...HA!

Snakeye said...

You have learned much, young Padawan... great job with the pics!

Mom said...

You have great picture-sense. I love what you've done. I think my favorite is the last one, but I really like them all!