Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 months

Holy Cow have I been BUSY!  Haha.  I always think when I get through one busy season that life will slow down, but I've realized that really it just varies on different degrees of business.  So let me just throw up my sweet Scarlett's 6 month pics (and maybe a little peek at what I've been so busy with).
No teeth yet, but I'm certain they'll cut through soon since her nose is a faucet and absolutely nothing is off limits for the gnawing mouth (as noted below).

If you're my FB friend, than this is probably old news...

I've been playing a little more photographer!  Here's a cute family of 5 from our (old and shut down) squadron here at Luke.
I just loved the belly laughs I was getting from the little boy!!  He's such an easy audience!
 Some good friends just got married and asked little ol' me to be their wedding photographer!!  Wow- what an opportunity and how much trust they have in me!!  Definitely a learning experience for me and now I have a very real appreciation for wedding photography (and my bride and MOB were SUPER laid back... can't imagine working with a bridezilla!)

 And a good friend just had her very sweet and adorable little man.  Boy that little guy can put down the milk!!!  What a cutie!  Look at that lil distended belly....  I just love him.
My mom made this hat for just this occasion- isn't it absolutely perfect?!  Thanks Ma.

I just made a "Photography by Cheyenne" facebook page after an urge from a church friend.  This way people who were at the wedding or friends of my friend with the new baby can check out the pictures too.

Phew...  Now into my sewing sweat shop to finish up the last of my Fly-bagz orders.


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Mom said...

Wow, look at that little girl grow!! She looks so happy and has such pretty blue eyes!! As for the wedding, I didn't realize it was Lucky's wedding!! I really like the shots you caught so far. The jumping one made me smile and I thought you caught nice expressions and intimacy. And that new little boy is a beautiful little newborn. He has pretty skin and God made him just perfect!! :)