Monday, December 26, 2011

Chest Complete

This is a bragging post about my husband.

Look how awesome my husband is, yall!  I swear, everything he decides to do, he does really well.  I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with his extreme perfectionist personality- lol.  He just bought wood working tools since moving here and the only other project he's done is a sewing/craft desk for me.  So for a second project, I am in love with this toy chest!

And to think of it's humble beginings...

I'm not going to go into too much detail since I really don't know what I'm talking about but I will tell the making of the toy chest from my eyes.

So first, after carefully studying each peice of wood he chose like color/pattern pieces and glued them together.  Then he had to take the larger planks and sand them down to make them smooth so you almost can't even tell it's more than one piece of wood!

Do that x 6 for all the sides, top and bottom.  Then he used a dovetail jig to cut dove tails into the sides.  He says that it's the strongest joint you can make...  this toy box is going to last!  Look how pretty the dove tails are!  I just love the details.  Once all the dove tails were cut, he glued all the sides together.  Then came all the finishing touches..  putting in a sliding dove tail key(?), varnishing, painting, and putting the super hard core hinges on and Voila!!!  He bought hinges that make it open and close like a laptop, so no pinched fingers here!

 Ahhh.  Now let's put it to use!!

 Next up, a bed for my little girl...  ahh hem, soon to be big girl (at least a little girl in a big girl bed).

I'm liking this hobby of his!



Chey's Mom said...

Very awesome! He sure has picked it up quickly and is doing great things! GOOD JOB John!

Snakeye said...

Chey- loved the post. Will write more after the AFA/Toledo Bowl game. Can't wait for the next project!

Hausofgerz said...

I can already see this toy chest being passed down to your grandchildren; not many people now days have hand made, built to last furniture that they can pass down through the generations. Love it!

Chey's Dad said...

Truly an heirloom!
Nicely done... son!