Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dog-gone it!

With the recent increase in temperature here in the Phoenix area, it's got us thinking about how HOT the summer is going to be. The last week in February was in the 80's and you better believe that I was out in shorts and tank tops to enjoy it! John and I try to exercise our dog, Cana, regularly because we sometimes sit back and ponder the realization of his life... We ARE his life. He waits eagerly at home for us when when we're out having fun (or I suppose working too) and when we get home from a long day, he's rearing to go. He wants to get attention and to play, even when we're exhausted from the long day we may have had. So we make it a point to take him out and let him run on most (I can't say all) days, whether it be hitting a racquetball down the street and watching him fumble after it, taking him on a bike ride where he heals to the bike, or going jogging with him (which just makes me mad because I'm trudging along and he's just barely trotting- usually he can manage a fast walk pace beside me). We realize in the summer, it may become more of a challenge to get that daily release for him with the extremely hot days and scorching pavement. There were times last week where he would avoid the black pavement and tip-toe to the shadows where he'd rest between throws. Through the night in the summer, the lows get down to the 90's!!! We came up with a plan, with some help of a show I've seen a couple of times- The Dog Whisperer. I've been training Cana to run on a treadmill. It's actually quite comical to see just because it is so unnatural looking, but he's caught on and now even knows how to mount the treadmill and the direction to face. Anyhow- I just wanted to post the video because I thought some of you may appreciate it. Run, Cana Run!


Ryan & Deb said...

his energy is only prepping you for the toddler soon to be taking up all your time!! they don't stop, either!! what's more, you can't tell them to "go lay down"!!

Chey's Dad said...

You need to hook up the treadmill to a generator so that Cana can help to power the air conditioner in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Love to see what the gayhounds would do on that think... poop a brick probably.