Saturday, March 15, 2008

Memory Lane

Every now and then, a memory comes along and reminds you of your childhood- how innocent, carefree and fun it was. My family (with the military background- and enjoying to move) relocated to a suburb of Cleveland Ohio when I was 7 years old. My best memories of growing up were there, in Sagamore Hills. We moved into a house in a very quaint neighborhood of 50 homes that surrounded a little picturesque lake. I remember moving day, standing out on the quite street soaking in my new home when a young girl (about my age) rode her bike by. Turns out she lived next door and she was who I spent most of my time with the next 9 years we lived there. Lynn was her name, and I looked up to her. She was a year older and to me, she had her life together- even as an 8 year old! I pretty much joined everything that she did because we did everything together! We were in baton together, among other things, and would lead the 4th of July parade in our little neighborhood wearing our tiny little sequence leotards. I made many friends in the Startlighters (as we were called for competitions and what not) and it's nice to still be in touch with some of them. I was reunited with another girl, Debi on myspace. And thanks to Debi for sending the picture, it has brought a smile to my face, and a tear in my eye to the days that were.

That's me- front and center (yes- with a little boy's hair cut... still not sure what Mom was thinking when she did that to me) and Debi is pictured left of me with Lynn behind her.

By the way- Mom- do you still have those precious pictures of our Willow Lake times? If so- Share!


Mom said...

Is Debi not at YOUR right? I think Lynn is left of you, but on YOUR right. I tried to click on it to enlarge it to see better, but it wouldn't enlarge! BTW, you looked really cute with puffy shorter hair (I don't think anyone would ever mistake you for a boy, you were too cute!!) And yes ... I was looking at old pictures just last week and they're there along with so many great memories!!

Ryan & Deb said...

I just told your mom I have videos that I want to send you...when I get them copied, I'll have to get your address. John should have a good laugh at our "star trek" costumes for (yuk) Free Willy!!!!! oh, sweet memories!