Thursday, February 7, 2008

Meet the Parents

After just starting work not too long ago, and juggling my work with High Schoolers, social activities, sewing purses, and the never ending house chores, in comes a much needed visit from my parents. You may think that statement is riddled with sarcasm, but I full heartedly mean it. You see, my parents were easy house guests and didn't require much abnormal entertaining, and on top of that my mom spoiled me by taking over the kitchen and cooking/cleaning as I enjoyed a break! They brought their pets, Sheba- the ancient and molting dog (that I begged my parents to let me take home when I was in Junior High), and Tober- the autistic kitty (that I adopted as a stray kitten when I was in college).. I guess it sounds more like they brought up MY pets. Anyhow, we got to see how Cana would react to having a cat in the house. We've socialized him with many other dogs and he's fine with that, but since John uses Cana as a hunting dog and he has little exposure to cats, his curiosity was peaked. He was good, but he definately wanted to chase the cat, but found it was anticlimactic since she would just jump up on a counter and safely out of reach soon after the chase commenced.

Over the weekend, we drove over to Phoenix to find the house my parent's lived in before Trav and I were born. They were both in the Air Force at the time and were stationed at Luke Air Force Base- the same base we're stationed at now. The area was much different where as John and I live a mile from base (as the crow flies), there was no housing in the west valley so they commuted everyday from Phoenix about 20 miles. We found the house and they were astonished with the changes of the cactus size. They stopped to talk to a current neighbor when the home owner came out to check out the excitement. We were able to get a tour of their old house, see all the remodeling and even see that the pool that my dad had put in over 30 years ago was still there and in use today!

After that, we stopped by to check out some of the Superbowl hype. A complex around the stadium was hosting bands and other attractions in leux of the big game. It was quite packed but the excitement was overwhelming! We ran into a few friends looking to do the same and we walked around the complex, touring million dollar house boats, stopping at booths for Arizona's state parks, etc. Then to return back home and out of the crowds for a quite dinner. We made it over to another guy's house to watch the game, where he invited a handful of guys. The guys had their own little football game before hand (touch football) and a bunch of the neighbor kids saw the action and joined in. We watched the game and ate too much- standard. All in all it was an enjoyable visit. Now to prepare for the Wilson Family Reunion at the end of the month!!!!

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Snake/Chey Mom said...

Nice pics! Could you send your mom all the pics you took during the "visit with the 'rents"??? I should have taken more!!! : ) Mom