Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Stone's Throw North

So far the month of February hasn't been as calm as I was expecting. Just like January, every weekend is occupied with visits, events, and baby showers. It seems that I'm not the only one expecting around here and I've got 4 invitations for baby showers all with in a span of two weeks! Anyway, our last weekend was spent in the snowy wonderland of Flagstaff, Arizona. It's amazing to me how I haven't seen so much as a flake of snow this winter, with the temperatures in the Phoenix area plummeting to a chilly 50 degrees, and yet only 2 hours north of here the snow is so high that it was completely covering out door grills and picnic tables. There is an Air Force owned site up there, Fort Tuthill, that rents out cabins and hotel rooms which John's squadron took advantage of and declared a group trip. With hopes to snowboard, John packed his boarding equipment and clothes and lugged it up to Flagstaff just to be talked out of spending the money for sub-par snow and over crowded slopes. Instead, a bunch of the crew went sledding on Saturday while I enjoyed a little touring around historic Flagstaff with a couple other pregnant wives, and a non-preg too. In the evening, we all rendezvoused in "the big house" (the largest cabin meant for multiple families which a bunch of students rented) for a chili cook-off! Through out the night, there were heated games of Trivial Pursuit, Euchre,and of course Beer Pong. To wrap up the trip, sledding commenced yet again at 1:30 am as the excitement of an otherwise mediocre hill entertained even the biggest sled hill connoisseur. The darkness added an element of mystery that was not present earlier. The next morning, John and I were able to visit with the much loved Aunt and Uncle in Flagstaff as well as all the girls (cousins) and families! Home again... sigh. Even just leaving for a few days sure makes you appreciate the comforts of home that you overlook on a day to day basis.

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Chey's Dad said...

That's the neat thing about Phoenix vs. Flagstaff:
"Honey, I miss the snow" -
Two hours up I-17, and there you are!
Throw a few snowballs, make a snow angel... "OK, let's go back"
Can't beat it!

Chili cookoff, huh? Chey - Would your dear ol' dad's chili have blown them away? Huh? Huh?