Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Special Day

It was a first for me (along with many of my friends.. It seems that it is a year of babies)! I'm a MOM this year on Mother's day. I remember last year, being 7 months preggo, contemplating the meaning of being a mother and just feeling deep appreciation for my mother. It's amazing how the prospect of my changing status (becoming a mommy) made me revisit my relationship with my mother and now even more I love, appreciate, understand and respect MY mom!

So for my first Mom's day, I was treated to breakfast in bed and a day of effortless life-- that means that John took Riley most of the day so I didn't have to cart him around with me. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE that he goes where I go but when I get time without, I take it. Life was so much easier before the car seat.

We also took the opportunity to get Riley dedicated during the baby dedication at our church! This was really more for John and I than Riley. We stood upon the stage in front of our church family and vowed to raise our son with the love, knowledge and understanding of the Lord. Then the congregation also had a part as they vowed to hold us accountable and responsible to our word!

Pastor Steve couldn't help but reiterate to the congregation Riley's birth story which made me blush and apparently shut my eyes. In all the "Pastor Steve" pictures, my eyes were shut for all of them.. At least I was smiling. :)
I think Riley got a little stage fright- Look at that face!


Anonymous said...

ohh so cute!

mom said...

There's probably no way to impart the essense of that special love until you have a child of your own. My mom always made motherhood look so easy and maybe it seemed harder to me because of societal changes and the things you were exposed to that probably weren't an issue when I was a child. You ARE VERY SPECIAL to this mom!!! That little Riley sure is growing up!!!! Yum Yum on the breakfast in bed!!