Friday, May 8, 2009

Water Baby

Holy Cow is my kid a water baby!! And it's not just me who thinks so.. My friend, Abby was a swim coach and she would do baby lessons on the side, so Riley's getting professional training when we go to the pool! He can't get enough!!! We've taken him a couple of times so far and every time his eyes light up as soon as we get pool side. And once I step in with him in route... forget about it!

I had the girls play with him so I could do what I do.. take lottsa pictures!

Look at the sheer GLEE on his face!!
Abby says that it's pretty rough getting a baby on their back in the water. Riley puts up with it pretty well- even if he'd much rather be turned over.So happy!!
And then things took a turn for the worst.

Riley's been having bowel issues lately... Maybe he has the bug that tormented John and I a little bit ago.. Maybe something I am feeding him isn't sitting quite right.. I'm trying to figure it out still and I won't go into detail on my son's bowel habbits... I bring it up cuz wouldn't you know that he started making "the face" in the pool. You know... The Face. So I got him outta there and realized that he didn't have any extra diapers in the bag.. Uh Oh!! Who is that kid's mother anyway??!

So we hung out with the NASTY SWAMP DIAPER on for a bit to make sure the storm had passed.

Then off with it say I! And it was naked time!
Because of the fiasco, our pool time got cut short and I scrounged to find something to serve as a temporary (very temporary) diaper till I got home. Luckily I live exactly a mile away and since I drove, it took like a minute. I think the little guy likes the naked time a little too much.


BrassWillow said...

The pictures turned out great!!

Mom said...

Yes, I think he really likes playing in water - so did his momma!! She would find things to climb on just to get up to the sink! And if she couldn't find a chair nearby, there was always the toilet!!! When it got too quiet, I checked the bathroom! Of all the pics, the full diaper is priceless!! Don't put it in his yearbook though!! :)

Chey's Dad said...

Rileysaurus really takes to the water! but "The Face" in the pool... This sounds like it came close to the scene in Caddyshack.

So Riley likes naked time, huh?
Is there such a thing as Chippendale Babies?