Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Splashin

Arizona summers are HOT. It's been above around 110-115 degrees the last week or so! The heat really zaps any desire to go outside that I thought I might have had. It's actually a hard adjustment... Ya see, 3 seasons here are wonderful! Winter is so mild that outside play is very natural. But I can't get over my mentality of summertime being the time for outdoor fun. So to keep me sane and give Riley some fun, we head to different splash pads. Just in case "splash pad" needs defining, it's a little play area where water spouts out of the ground and kids run around in it and get wet! Pretty much all the outdoor shopping malls have one and then our City Park just put one in this year too! It's really the only bearable way to play outside in the AZ summer.. well, that and swimming, of course.
My cousin, CJ with my Aunt stopped for a day to visit on their way through. I thought the splash pad would be a fun thing to do and I was trying to get pictures of Riley with her, but I think she had the same intent (to get pix of Riley and me) since she was standing back, camera in hand mostly. Well, I'll get to see them more in Texas next week... Watch out Chrys.. You're gonna get sick of seeing my camera!


MOM said...

I suspect he's like his mom.... a water kid at heart!!! I like Riley's nice wide stance .. more stable!!! He'll be running before you know it!!

BTW: All farms/ranches need 5 or 6 cats around!!! I just hope I can keep the 5 or 6 for a while without any attrition!! I'm sure I'll find good homes for the extras!! They're all cute and very adoptable!

JonandLo said...

I think Riley has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on a baby! Love your pics of him.