Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After the last post, or actually 2 posts ago where I showed video on Riley's accomplishments and trouble-making, he's improved his walking quite a bit. I now am comfortable saying that "he's walking!"

I was amazed at how quickly the progression actually was. That first day he took 3 or 4 consecutive steps then fell. The next day I counted 6 steps and the following day 15! Now he is walking all over the place. He still has his bouts of the drunken stupor but on a good run, he can go from one end of the house to the other without a spill!

You can tell he loves to dig through is book box to throw the books around the room.
I am infinitely entertained by this new infatuation and don't tire of watching him. It puts a permanent smile on my face as he stumbles around and in the air port as we were in transit coming home, I noticed other onlookers with the same smile as they oohed and aaawed at his obviously new skill!


Jamie Massey said...

Wow! Seems like just days ago you were dying for him to crawl!

Mom said...

I'm amused by the breath control sounds while he's concentrating on walking skills! :) He sure is a GLK!!! (GREAT little kid)