Monday, November 16, 2009


Alright. This is horribly late but I find myself putting it off because I just don't have the time to tell my tale of a trip to Pine. So, I'm not going to tell much tale and just do what I do best... throw up some pictures.

These two are some of my favorite pics.. Friend, Carolyn was tossing Ri around and I love the way the sun hits and just the candid moment it captured!

Cliff Notes Version:
Our Life Group (church friends) headed up to Pine and stayed at a woman from our church's cabin. She is an older lady and a widow since last year so we took on a little work project to clean up her yard. After a hard day's work, we (by we, I mean Tiffany and Emily) planned a Halloween "murder mystery" which we all dressed the part (theme: literary characters) and acted out during a delicious dinner.

Here's our work party at work.

Mid-work break into song... Thriller came on. What can you expect?!
First attempt at Thriller- pathetic.

In sync!

The guys kept busy by cutting down dead trees on the property. They stocked the fire wood pile and even made a beautiful fire ring!

Snow White and Pippy Long Stocking
The Hood's- haha
Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood.. oh and the butler, of course.

The Madd Hatter and Alice in Wonderland

Big shoes to fill.


Mom said...

Though I love ALL the pictures... of course that picture of Riley the cowboy disguise is priceless!!! Work hard... play hard!! Looks like everyone had fun, and I love all the costumes!!!

kat and jason said...

Sounds like a LOT of fun..thriller dance and all! And are you really prego..cause you are totally not looking it.