Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What 'cha think??

Soooo... my last pregnancy, I KNEW right from the beginning that we were having a BOY! Maybe it was my husband's constant comments or just my own hope to have a boy first... I have one older brother and he was my protector and guardian and once we were both in High School, we got along pretty famously. Whatever the case, I just knew that my Riley was destine to be my little boy!

But now this one.. I'm kinda baffled. John (and my whole church group friends) is (are) convinced that this time is definitely a girl. John's reasoning is because this time I felt queasy earlier (last time had the blahs from weeks 10-13 and this time it started around week 6) and because I was an emotional basket case- breaking into tears at absolutely NOTHING and ANYTHING.
...But... I'm not so sure because the blahs still only lasted 3 weeks for me and were gone by week 9 and although I may still get teary at commercials (who doesn't when pregnant, or even sometimes just being a "woman"), all in all I feel normal. Just like last time.

So what do YOU think??

In the Right column, I'm putting up my poll for you to vote whether you think I'll have a BOY or GIRL this time. I should be finding out in just under a month, so get your vote in!!!


BrassWillow said...

I voted for a little Pedrita!

XOXO,Teresa, Brandon, Xander, Max said...

I know what you mean, I knew FROM THE BEGINNING Xander was a boy, it was weird, but the second time around I had absolutely NO clue....I kinda thought i t might be a girl, but just had no definate feeling either way, and it was another boy! Who knows?! I voted boy!!

Jamie Massey said...

I want a poll asking if we think you will even make it to the hospital next time!!! I would vote no, by the way...

mattswife1990 said...

I think each pregnancy just has its own characteristics, whether or not the gender is the same. so I'm not sure how I'd vote. :)

In case you're wondering who on earth I am, I'm Jenny Brooks' aunt by marriage, and I used to be a Bradley natural childbirth teacher. I found you via Jenny's blog. :)

Amy :)