Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gone Daddy Gone!

It's been a couple weeks now. Daddy's been gone and I have had to replace the daily interactions Riley used to get with a DVD that we made (thanks to the MAC- big plug! Love it!!) of John reading books to Riley. It's actually pretty great!! Riley brings me the remote control saying, "Daddy!? Daddy?!" So I turn on the TV and play him a couple of books from a good selection of maybe a dozen books. Riley climbs up on the couch and gleams from ear to ear as he watches Daddy during story time.

Here are a few pics of our last get together- a little going away party before my honey left.

Our romantic slow dance to complete the night! I am so in love with my husband!!

That was then....

This is now.

And now begins the crazy month prior to my due date with visits galore!! My brother and family are here at Luke for a course he's taking before they move to Italy. Yay for me!!! So I anticipate being busy hanging out with my sis-in-law and the kiddos for the next couple weeks! Then my mom is coming out in 2 weeks for my niece's baptism and to get prepped for baby Wilson coming. It'll be a whirlwind but because of this beautiful storm, time is flying by and daddy will be home before we know it!!!


Monica said...

Glad time is flying by for you! That's a great idea to have him read books and play it on the computer! Does your brother know what squadron he's going to yet?

Mom said...

I'll be there before you know it!!! And it looks like Chrys might make it out for a weekend too!!! You won't miss John less, but you sure will not be bored!!! And Riley has someone his own age around, and will LOVE playing with toys .... but then, he's so focused on his trains and cars, he might not notice!!!