Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pure Glee!!!

It's HOT here. We're talkin' above 110s on a semi-regular basis. So outdoor activites are few and far between and the only thing we can really do outside is get wet. So for that reason, and because I just purchased a NEW LENS for my camera (Cannon L-Series Lens, 70-200mm f4) I had to snap away as Ri guy played. Me Likee. Hope you do too.

Whew... I need to rest.



So adorable...what great expressions and great pictures to have of him!!

Two girls' mommy said...

GREAT pictures!!!

that fourth picture is absolutely perfect!

Mom said...

WOW!!! THAT IS PURE GLEE, if I ever saw it!!! Boy, did he perform perfect for your camera, and he probably didn't even know it!!! I LOVE his expressions of glee, and the shadow on his face from the water droplets in the air!!

Jamie said...

that is just awesome. he is so cute!!