Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We're now in our new home of Florida..  as for a physical address- that's a little more complicated.  Maybe I'll fill in sometime but right now I'm irked by the whole thing so I'm not going to talk about it and hopefully we will no longer be "homeless" in the next week or month or sometime soon.  We're currently staying in the Eglin "TLF's" (Temporary Living Facilities) and although it's small- maybe 200 sq ft, it's fun to get a taste of the beachy atmosphere around here.  The TLF's are on the bay and I have peaks of the bay view right outside our door.  There's a big open area across the street for the dog and plenty of squirrels to chase.  We're not used to squirrels since I don't think I've ever seen one in AZ and when Riley first saw them in the trees, he called them monkeys.  So now we go outside to chase the "monkeys."  Anyhow, Scarlett got her first taste of sand and while shooting the pictures, I just was brought back to Riley's first sand smoothie too.  Here are my two lil monsters, tearing it up in the sand. 


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Mom said...

She makes it look like she just had some birthday cake ... chocolate! :) Sure can tell they're related!!! They both like sand!!!

Chey, check out the new calf... sure could use some photoshopping!!