Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scene Change

We left Phoenix and our lives as we knew it just after new years.  Our cross-country travels took us through 7 states with a long visit to Texas, where my parents ranch is and a shorter visit to Baton Rouge, LA for John's uncle.  My mom just got a new SLR camera for Christmas so I had fun with her just messing around and showing her a few things about what I've picked up the last couple years in photography.

While John and my dad took a tour of the Lockheed Martin plant where they're building the F-35 (in Fort Worth), Mom and I palled around Graham and did our girl day- shopping and crafting.  We had a wonderful visit but when the time came to go, we were ready.  Texas was tough on us since both our car and our dog got chewed up.  I'm not at all hating on my folks dog.  Sam is seriously one of the sweetest dogs...  he's a border collie- ever met one of those that isn't sweet?!  He actually played with Riley which my little man just ate up!  Cana's good with Riley but by that I mean that he tolerates him but Sam actually interacted and enjoyed Riley's company.  The tiff stemmed from the fact that neither Cana or Sam have been snipped and Sam was VERY protective of his place.
I forgot to take a picture of our car but it looked like someone took a screwdriver to every panel...  What did this, you may wonder.  A pack (herd, gaggle?) of horses!!  Apparently when they can see their reflection in something, it sparks their curiosity and the want to EAT it.  Who knew?  Be warned- don't park your shiny, clean car anywhere by  horses less you want to drop $3500+ (a time when insurance is definitely handy) in repairs.

 While in Louisiana, John took a day of testosterone and went hunting with his uncle and friend.  I stayed back with the women folk and we did just fine. 
We got a tour of the LSU stadium from the equipment manager of their sports department...  Reminded me how much I loved (and hated) working in that setting. Did you know that John is an LSU fan?!  He is.  I'm fine with it, till they play The Ohio State University in, say...  a National Championship game...  Then it's annoying.

 So now we take up residence in Florida.  We live just a few houses away from a little beach park where we can enjoy the water without much fuss to get there.  Of course we'll still drive across the bridge to Destin to get the gorgeous white sandy beaches known around the world.
 I took the kids to a beach in Destin and this is just a "taste" of what I have to look forward to as the temps rise!


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Mike and Judi Winslow said...

Since I last looked (a couple of hours ago) I see some additions... BTW, I think we palled around... :) Your beach looks like our front yard, except that Riley would be plowing around in snow, not white sand. Yum Yum... beach sand!!! :)