Friday, March 18, 2011


I've made a decision.  Actions are fun to play with but I've decided that I am not going to spend money (upwards of $150 per bundle of actions) each time a new set of actions comes out.  Sure- I like the result and it's time saving but when it comes down to it, I don't know how they are getting to the end result and therefore I'm becoming more and more dependent on another person's editing skills and falling deeper and deeper into the trap where I'll have to continue forkin over money every time I get bored of the current action sets I have and wish for a new one.  I've decided instead of the hundreds of dollars I'd spend on actions, I'm going to buy a couple of good Photoshop how-to books and learn all the tricks and how to get the effects I want myself.  I also want to learn to efficiently make my own actions.  I've made a couple and so far have learned that the simpler ones work better.  The more complex I get, the more jumbled it is when I try it out.

Anyway, I figured with this revelation I'd post a before and after.  This is sins actions (well- i used my own "my tweaks" action) and since my editing style is always evolving, this is my current look- and I do feel like I can claim it myself instead of giving credit to the gal who makes and sells actions.

Who knows...  maybe someday I'll be able to sell my actions for hundreds of dollars.  A girl can dream- right?



Monica said...

I love the way you edit your photos Cheyenne. Mark's been messing around with PS3 lately and been editing our pictures too. I like taking the pictures, he likes editing them. And you're good at both. Lucky you!

Mom said...

Such a sweet and beautiful little girl. I must say I love to focus attention to my subject by cropping to centralize the focus, and I like to play with brightness and contrast, but I'm torn on the time consumed with photoshopping with techniques that take a lot of time, perhaps because I don't totally understand what I'm doing. I sure so enjoy taking and editing though.

Jim said...

It has been awesome to see how your skills have grown over the past few years. I wish I had time to spend working on my pictures... You make me jealous! :)

Megan O. said...

I love your go get 'em attitude. It seems like taking the time to do it yourself can only help you in the long run. Wish you were here to impart everything you're learning on to me! :)

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

GASP! Love this!!!

Sophisticated Steps