Monday, March 7, 2011

A place to call home

The Wilson's have been busy.    It's funny how we've always chosen a good, move-in ready home and we're usually drawn to well kept homes.  Well, desperate times call for desperate measures and since I did not want to take up permanent residence in the TLF's (Temporary Living Facilities- on base about the size of a 1BR small apartment), we had to find something pronto.  I fell in love with the neighborhood, since it's just three houses away from bay access and has another great park so close. 

(This is our beach park just down from the house...  Riley's finding hermit crabs- which btw he's now horrified of...  we're working on it.)

 The house....  has potential.  First off, let me disclose to you that this time we decided to rent.  The crashing housing market left a pretty sour taste in our mouths from Phoenix and since we are only staying for such short stints, we thought it best to rent.  The previous renters did not care much about how this home was kept so we've been putting our time and effort into making it nicer.  It's rewarding, until we remember that it's not ours anyway but none-the-less, we feel better about where we live.

We raked the leaves and collected 32 bags worth of leaves.  That's a lot of covered ground that wasn't getting sun and therefore wasn't growing grass.  Hopefully that will fix the grass problem- or lack there of.
 We painted almost all the walls, repaired lots of little fixes here and there and I think it's finally starting to feel like home.  

I have been pretty down on this place.  It's been a difficult move for us as John and I left a life that we loved so dearly behind...  So I decided that I am going to stop pouting and start embracing the beauty that this place has to offer.  I bought an annual state park pass and have been out exploring in both the parks and the nearby towns.  There's an adorable little town called Seaside that is nestled on the Gulf shore and has a very quaint feel.  I'm sure that will be a place I frequent.  Last weekend, John and I got the bikes out and hitched up the ol' bike trailer.  The kids got a ride in the trailer while John and I took a leisurely ride on a scenic bike trail with an ocean view.  We stopped along the way to enjoy a smoothie and some delectable freshly baked goodies from the local shops and continued on to Seaside.  We stopped there for some beach time, then meandered back home.  It was perfect. 

As you may have noticed, I've also been playing with the stamps that I can put on pictures.  It's just something fun that I have figured out how to do through tutorials.  A lot of people pay for that, but I just think I'm too wishy washy to like a logo for a long time which I would feel necessary if I paid for it.  

So to conclude, things are just fine here.  We're moved in.  The weather is getting so nice.  God is good.  As much as I try, I really can't complain.



Mom said...

Your sunset is awesome. Is your blog wallpaper one of your pics or from the web? The kids are growing so fast, especially Scarlett - she's sure looking like a toddler, not a baby anymore! Looking for more backyard and interior pics to get a flavor. :)

Amy :) said...

Ah, the beach! One of the things we've missed since moving to Arizona... although *our* beach was in Michigan, not at the ocean.

Nice update... it sounds like you're getting all settled in and enjoying God's beauty right where you're at. The kids are getting so big! :)