Friday, January 4, 2008

A Month Stuffed FULL

It's off and running and we'll be running all month. This January is packed full and there is not much wiggle room! We just had the party (below), the 2nd of January got cheap tickets to the Fiesta Bowl (OU v. WV) after hiking Camelback Mountain in downtown Phoenix. John was so excited about one of his Christmas gifts, (a backpack) that he loaded up the backpack with about 50 lbs of ammo and other dense objects and strapped it on for the hike.

More is to come. John volunteered our house as the game house on the 6th for the BCS National Championship game since I'm an Ohio State fan and he's with LSU all the way! Let's see.. Then I have my first half marathon on the 13th in the PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon in downtown Phoenix. Being my first, and the fact that I'm preggo, I'm not too concerned about time. I'm happy to be in it and to finish without walking! From the 14th through the 17th, John goes up to Flagstaff to do some Javelina hunting with his cousin- which he is thrilled about. If anyone has a good Javelina recipe, I'd be up for suggestions. That next weekend, we've got friend's coming in from LA to visit and go to a hockey game. And finally, my parents are heading up for the Super Bowl, not that we've got tickets to go but it's a quick drive to some pretty front-line tailgating. So the 'rents will arrive for the last weekend in January! Few! A lot going on and it's going to be a blast!

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Chey/Snake Mom said...

I must say that when we were watching the Fiesta Bowl, we wondered if perchance you and John might be there! We didn't see you in any of the shots of the audience!! I'm sure you had fun (assuming you were feeling up to watching a game)! : )