Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow! What a Miracle!

As the weeks pass and disbelief lifts (maybe the pee stick really did tell the truth) my wonder and awe of creating a baby- a human life- grow. I'm sure that every mommy-to-be that is eagerly anticipating the birth of a child ponders the miracle occurring within. With this new future addition to our family growing so incredibly fast (just look at the lil baby one short month ago), it really becomes apparent to me God's craftsmanship. I'm essentially doing nothing. Well, I am providing my womb to harbor God's handiwork but I am ultimately powerless (aside from my contribution of genes, nutrition, etc.) as far as "putting it together". I can not grab my needle and thread and get to work to enhance the outcome of the the finished product. All the details are precisely and carefully taken care of (God must know of my indecision) and beyond my control a baby continues to grow "like a weed" (as Grandma commented)- doubling, tripling and more in size every couple of weeks. The speed of the entire process is astounding to me. In 9 months (I've learned it's really 10, but I like to continue to think 9) an egg is fertilized, developes from embryo to fetus with all the gross system development taking place pretty much in the first trimester. The second and third trimesters fine-tune all the previous development and prepares baby by fattening him/her up for the world to come. In 9 months a living, breathing, thinking life is exposed to the world we know for the first time. From nothing to a VERY SPECIAL, complex and intricate something in less than a year!! Amazing! Sometimes I become disenchanted with the race in which I belong- the human race. You know what I am talking about- just go to any mall or fairground and observe for 10 minutes. At times it's hard for me to see how some people are even human, but God said he made each of us in His likeness. This thought restores and refreshes my outlook of the human race. We all began from the same humble starting line, from C.S. Lewis to Britney Spears. I look forward to nurturing and caring for this amazing blessing John and I have been entrusted with, and though it can be a very serious and even daunting task, I roll my sleeves up and do all I know how at this point. I dive into books of strong Christian soldiers who have accepted and embraced God's challenge, vowed to do it His way, and lived to write about it!


Snake/Chey Mom said...

Wow!! Look at my grandbaby!!! Growing like a weed!!! And I see arms and legs!!! Great shot!!!

Jenny Brooks said...

don't worry, you can call it 9 months, because it is 9 calendar months...10 lunar months. :) either way, it starts to feel long, especially when you consider other animals' gestational cycles! but it is all worth it. and you realize it more and more and more. course, there are times when you wish your kid would just stop talking, the questions would just stop, aw well, we won't go there. :) loved the is an amazing thing that God designed. i always find it hilariously ridiculous, when liberals try and tell you that we genderize our kids to be boys or girls (ie. the pink, blue, cars, dolls, etc), but having a kid makes me realize that that is a load of crap. Boys and girls are completely wired differently, and no one "did" that except their intrinsic characteristics from our Creator.

jamie and matt said...

Congratulations Chey! I'm so happy for you guys! :)