Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Epic Ending

It's official. The new 2008 year is here. The year that I knock on the door of 30. The year of my 10 year reunion from High School. The year of parenthood. To kick off this glorious year, John and I have had a few recent visitors and a HUGE party! Our good friends from our church in Utah, Jesse and Kate were in the area visiting family and made it our way! We treated them to In-N-Out Burger (John's favorite) and spent the night doing what Kate does best, being goofy. Then the following day, December 30th, my cousin Chrys arrived to stay a few days through New Years. We were preparing a party inspired by John's time in Kunsan, an Around the World Block Party. Our neighborhood has 4 other pilots from Luke within a few doors so each house chose a country and we herded the large group of party-goers from country to country with each house being showcased no more than an hour and 15 minutes. Columbia, hosted by Scout kicked it off as people were getting warmed up for the rest of the night. Mexico (our house) followed along with the beer bong which reared it's playful head in our kitchen. Next off to Italy, where Moses set up the vespa and Colossium photo op. And a perfect ending in Germany, where I'm told my cousin stayed until 4am taking a dip in the hot tub! As now it's the morning after, and we clean the house of all the spills (beer bong gone bad) I'm happy to say there are no casualties found and the party seemed to go off without a hitch. I'd say total, there were about 85-100 that showed up... Certainly the largest party we've thrown (unless a wedding counts)! Well, the rest of our day will be cleaning and resting, but it was worth it. We hope you and yours had a wonderful New Years Eve as well and we hope that 2008 is a bountiful year for all!


snakeye said...

I'm jealous.

Chey/Snake Mom said...

Your blog is turning out really great! I like your effects and pictures! Of course I wish y'all the VERY BEST in this year!! And, what's this 30th year stuff??? I'm not senile yet, and I think there's a snakey birthday (30) this month!! And you weren't a twin!! : ) Who can believe you're 10 years out of HS? As for baby Wilson, I can hardly wait to see and hold her/him! : ) Mom