Sunday, July 6, 2008

City Slickers, Part 2

It's Sunday before Church and I don't have much time to put into this, but I wanted to quickly highlight the rest of the Texas trip by focusing on a couple pictures!

1. My beautiful sister in-law (Pam) and I. As I've mentioned before, we are due with in 2 and 1/2 weeks of each other which is such a blessing! We couldn't have planned it any closer and the coincidence will ensure that our boys will always have each other to play with at family functions! Not to mention that we will have each other to bounce ideas off of, to vent to when tired or irritable due to lack of sleep, and for support!

2. A picture of my family that I adore! It's been quite some time, maybe even since John and my wedding that we've had the fam together. So it was great having everyone meet at the Ranch for our mini family reunion! The boys typically would wake up and head to their next boy adventure- fishing, going to tractor supply store, etc. while us girls embarked on our own projects! Pam had some very cool embroidered designs of biplanes that her Aunt made her and she wanted to use them to create some unique wall art. So we headed to the little fabric shop where we got the help of my mom and the little 75 year old owner, Frances with picking fabrics to compliment the air planes. We got home and measured, cut, ironed and sewed our wall hangings and the next step is just framing and hanging! We're pretty pleased with them!!

And then, there is the coolest gift ever!! Trav is into wood working and Pam is skilled at stained glass-ing. So put their skills together, along with the Air Force lifestyle, the love for planes, building a baby nursery (decorated in planes- of course) with a need for a gentle, soft light and you get a night light like none other!!! Thanks again guys- we love it!!


Pam said...

We had a great time too! Hopefully we can make coordinated visits to the ranch a yearly thing. I know our kids will love it!

Mike and Judi Winslow said...

I'm all for that!!! It was REALLY great having everyone together! We had hoped to have a reunion yearly and get the cousins together too. With a little advance prep, maybe next time we can do that since most of them live somewhere or other in Texas!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chey, it's Beth. I just wanted first to say that I hope you and baby are doing well! Second that I just love this little blog. It is so fun to read. I was reading your city slickers post and was laughing when I got to the end of part one. Dwayne and I got a couple of kittens almost 4 years ago and we named one of them Mitzi. This whole name thing with you and me just cracks me up! Anyway, take care of yourself and you and John enjoy your last month of a quiet life!