Monday, June 30, 2008

City Slickers, part 1

It's our first time visiting "the Ranch" since my parents moved. Ya see, they pulled up steaks from Suburbia, Ohio last September to this 80 acre ranch in Olney (Middle of NOwhere), Texas where they have decided to retire. I've seen the pictures and heard the stories but being here definitely gives you a greater view of all the happenings! It almost ended up being a mini family reunion since my brother, Travis and his wife, Pam came out too (which by the way, they are expecting their first as well- with a due date only 2.5 weeks after mine). So us ladies hang out in the kitchen barefoot while the guys go out and shoot their guns.. haha- you think I'm kidding. Here are some of the highlights via photojournalism so far!

John and I with the horses

Trav, testing his riding skills

Sporting my Way Cool Boots!!!

The Old Crotchety Cowboy

My handsome Prince
Feeding Time

Motherly Pam

Trav was showing me some tricks to his camera so I was enjoying working with the aperture setting and I somehow managed a pretty good shot to be proud of. Captured in the picture to the right is Mitzi, the kitten.