Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Showering the Baby

Well, because I am so anxious (base word= anxiety) about what is to come pretty much any time now, I am pretty much going to resort to picture posts with minimal explanations. I've stayed extremely busy with my sewing projects, preparing the nursery and then entertaining with some family coming in last week to represent for the baby shower last weekend! It has been and is continuing to be a whirlwind of activity! I'm not sure that it will calm down anytime in the near future either. I hope pictures will suffice for a little bit.

Here is the wonderful spread that my friends, Suz and Terri had laid out for baby Riley's shower. It was a brunch and everything was delicious!!!

Suz and Terri! Suz was in Utah while I was there, just in a different squadron and we both remember each other from playing crud as we were on opposing teams! Now that our husbands are in the same squadron, I am blessed to know her warmth and friendship first hand! Terri is actually a twin and I've gotten to know her through her twin sister, Tracy. Tracy just got married and left for Kunsan, Korea to live with her husband- leaving the wonderful Terri here for our friendship-ing pleasure!

Here is a game that Terri headed up- sniffing soiled diapers! It's actually different kinds of candy bars and we had to guess what kind it was based on sight, smell and possibly taste for those brave enough.

Self explanatory... there I am during the ritual gift opening.

The family shot: (Grandma) Paulette, Aunt Betty, Cousin Jen, (Mommy) Me, and (Aunt) Ali Over all, the shower was wonderful and I am so grateful for such a amazing family and such great friends! Just a few more things to buy and put together before I post the Nursery blog.

And you're wondering what John was up to while all this baby biz was going on...
He organized a little boys weekend and took some guys, including brother Matthew, up to some favorite camping/recreation spots to soak in the wonders of God first hand!


Krista Hussar said...

It says this was posted at 3:40am? Is this right?? You look beautiful in your shower outfit, and I think you are SO lucky you didn't go early or you wouldn't have had any of this fun stuff when Riley came along! Watching my good friends have babies makes me more baby crazy all the time... :-)

Mom said...

Hmmm! I noticed the 3:40 am time too!! Baby Riley got you up???? Noting your neat dress, I think that Riley has grown enough to fill it out extremely well!!! Your gift-opening picture reminds me of the ads they do in black and white with just one color to give the picture pzazzz... in yours, it's the cabinets!! I'm glad you had a nice shower ... wish we were closer so I could come over more easily!! :)

Cheyenne and John said...

Ya- 3:40 am is right.. I couldn't sleep (1 part anxiety + 1 part discomfort) so I got up and blogged.

Lord Family said...

I can't believe how close you are to meeting Riley! Your shower looks like it was beautiful. Keep us updated!