Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tis the Season

To get married- that is. We left San Diego Saturday morning in order to make it to this wedding. AB, a guy in John's squadron here at Luke who was actually the reason we went up to Patch night for Weapons School since he was a new graduate, tied the knot on Saturday evening. He's had quite a busy 2 weeks- with graduation then the following weekend his wedding! Anyway, John and I had a great time at the wedding hanging out with the other squadron peeps. I think pictures tell the story of the night better than I can, so without further adieu...


Chey's Dad said...

Ah, life in the Air Force!
Picture 3: are those all Jump Team guys?
Picture 4: I can see Chey out doing the Bunny Hop: hop… hop… oops, here he comes! Call the doctor!
Picture 5: John and Chey used to dance close. Lately, they’ve had to make some modifications in their style.
Picture 7: Blues Brothers in disguise?
Picture 10: Tell me again… how can you tell he’s a fighter pilot?
Picture 12: After nearly 3 years, you guys still look like you’re on your honeymoon… nice!

Mom said...

Did we meet AB or his intended when we came down for the SuperBowl? Looked like a nice wedding. As for your looking like a honeymooner though, that Riley basketball doesn't hide under your dress so well any more!!!!! : )

JonandLo said...

You are such a cute pregnant girl...I hope I look even half as good as you do. So you are having a boy...so so fun. Can't believe it. Congrats. I love that we can stay in touch now.

Krista Hussar said...

Ummmm... did I see CLEAVAGE in one of those shots??!! Oh, the blessings of pregnancy, huh Cheygirl?? heehee As another comment said, I can only hope I look and feel half as comfortable and cute as you do during my first pregnancy! (Whenever that might be). I love you and miss you!!!!!

Ryan & Deb said...

I love your dress, Chey!!! You look beautiful!