Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Long, Old Friend

Beginning this month, we said goodbye to our cable television. Although it was slightly frightening to let go of our security blanket, how liberating it has been!

Why? You may wonder...
  • We are getting fed up with the smut that they call television.. Everything contains foul language, nudity, sexual content, etc. where, in my opinion it's not needed. The explicit content does not what-so-ever add to the meaning or understanding of the show! So for one, this is our way to rebel against Hollywood's movement to pepper our lives with dirt.
  • Have you seen any Best Buy commercials lately?? Their new slogan: You. Happier. That slogan really irks me... Why would sitting in front of some kind of electronic gaming devise or television set make my life more enriched??? I think quite the opposite is true. How much happier would we be if we didn't have these distractions that enable us to drone through life and spend mindless nonproductive hours? Instead we might get out and actually accomplish something or enjoy God's gorgeous creation by recreating (which would also help with the obesity epidemic and I know that not lugging around an extra 50 pounds would make many people truly Happier)!
  • Of course the economy may have a factor in this. John and I live on a budget and it's kind of ridiculous to think that nearly $1000 a year goes to our cable bill... We really don't watch it that often anyway. We enjoy watching sports (especially football season) and the occasional sitcom as well as some shows on Discovery... but are those few things we enjoy watching really worth the moolah?! So since we, along with most of America are feeling the pinch as our economy is being tested, it's time to get rid of some things that are not necessity. See ya- Cable! Give me my $1000!!!
Here's what we have to show for it, just since the first of the month since we've given it the old heave ho!
  • John practices playing his guitar in the evenings and sometimes I'll sing along with the songs he's playing.
  • We play with Riley. John likes to pretend like he's playing tackle football with him and he (gently) tackles Riley into couch cushions and pillows.
  • I am finally catching up on a Bible study that I had fallen way behind on.
  • Of course I can take more time to do my hobbies- sewing, running and I've taken on a creative writing project!
  • We read books that we've had on the "to read" list for a long time!
  • We take a stroll down to the park with the baby and the crazy dog and wail on the racquetball to wear Cana out!
  • Last night John and I quizzed each other on random facts about each other.. It was pretty fun and we are learning more about each other. He didn't know that I have an Aunt in Florida and I learned that his favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies n Cream! haha!
So far, I'd say I'm Me. Happier. It may be a challenge with the whole football watching fetish, but we figure we can always pay to get wings and a beer at a sports bar to watch "the game" since we're saving all the money from not paying COX. And it even gives us an excuse to get out of the house and fellowship with friends (the one's who pay for cable and we could watch the game with them!) I feel at peace with our decision so far!!!


Jenny Brooks said...

Hi Chey, I loved the bit about learning random facts about your spouse. I absolutely love that and I find it quite interesting when you learn something new, yet trivial about one another. Like I thought everyone loved Miracle Whip, but not Rob. And I also thought everyone loved PB and J, but not rob. He doessn't hate it, but he doesn't prefer it. And you think to yourself, "i should know that..." but then you realize that you don't cover some of the trivial things when you're dating something. You usually tackle all the major life issues, etc. Oh yes, and my fave ice cream is not one that he prefers: mint chip. Sorry this wasn't meant to be about just really made me smile. Good luck with the TV thing....hey anymore, all you need is internet! you didn't get rid of that did you?

Pam said...

Good for you guys! I've been trying to cut back myself. I've noticed that if you keep you mind occupied with hobbies, etc., you have absolutely no desire to turn on the boob-tube.
My dad always called it brain-rot and with all the junk on cable tv (with exception toTLC, Discovery, etc.) it truly is.

BrassWillow said...

It's amazing to think that 100 years ago no one had TV's and now they seem to rule so many people's lives. Glad you are finding fun things to do instead!

Raspberry or pineapple. :)

Megan O. said...

Here Here! It's funny how worried I was to let go of the cable, but its turned out to not be such a big deal. Now, the internet on the other hand.....the prospect of getting rid of that just scares me! One thing at a time, right?

Mom said...

I think internet is a necessity nowadays. It's such an instant source of information about anything you need to find more out about, not to mention a great communication tool. I couldn't enjoy s many pics of my grandsons and kids without their blogs and can share ranch 'happenings' with family and friends. As for spouse trivia, even after 36 years of being married to the same man, every once in a while something comes up in conversation with a third party (overheard by me) that I didn't know! By now, I figured I knew ALMOST everything! TV really does cut down on the communication opportunities! There are studies that show changes in family dynamics as a result.

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

this is so inspiring to hear...I have been contemplating getting rid of it lately, but i just haven't been able to bring myself to do it!! thanks for the inspiration!