Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Our Halloween weekend was spent in the quaint mountain town of Transylvania, oops- I mean Pine, AZ. We received a wax sealed invitation weeks ago for the engagement party of Neville Aster-night and Lizzy Bordeux. Let me explain- This had been in the making for some time as our Life Group (small group of Christian "young actives" that meet at our house weekly) had been talking about putting a trip together. Well the idea of a Murder Mystery Theater came up and our friends Emily and Tiffany ran with the idea! The details that went into this were astounding- really.. I think they were made for this kinda thing! The menu was set, the decorations well thought out! There were even "travel kits" in the bathrooms in case toiletries were forgotten (thankfully, cuz I forgot my toothbrush!) and favor boxes filled with candy and other Halloween trinkets! Seriously, every detail was taken care of!
We arrived to a full house just after dark on Friday. Being the grown ups that we all are, we embarked in an intense game of Sardines. Basically it's Hide-and-Seek but in the pitch black, fumbling your way through rooms trying to find the "hider" and once you find said "hider," you join them until everyone is packed in like Sardines. The last person to find everyone is then declared the next hider. You sure get to know people when you are feeling your way around in the darkness.. Whoops- sorry about that!
Saturday morning, after an epic breakfast the group hiked the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park which was located just a few miles from where we were staying. We took a loop trail which got pretty sporty at times, scrambling over slippery moss covered boulders and ducking into dark caves- especially sporty carrying a baby in a Peanut Shell! We reached the main attraction- the natural bridge and set up a little picnic that we prepared. After lunch we enjoyed a much quicker exit (compared to the way in) from the park which was a clean dirt path neatly marked with wooden stairs!

John's Clone

My little trooper!
The whole group!So the anticipated night of the Murder Mystery Theater was upon us as we each had a role in the production! Our ghoulish transformations were complete and the party began! The crime scene was set and a beautiful tablescape both captivated our attention and enticed our appetites!
Round 1: Dinner was served and the prodding began as we tried to figure out who murdered Neville Aster-Night (the groom-to-be)! Everyone had motive and a link to the murder scene, so everyone was a suspect! The night continued and 3 more rounds passed when the case was cracked and the guilty party revealed! It was quite the spooky and festive experience!

Appetizers were served as the ghouls studies their parts

Madaam GarliqueGlumda- The Wicked Witch of Depressed (and her lil Flying Monkey)

Riley the Flying Monkey making his best monkey face
Balihi- The Rogersandhamerstien Monster


Mom said...

Wow! What a great outing!!! It looked like a lot of fun! Some great pics of Riley! He's looking sooo mature and big!! The next thing I know he'll be able to say "Noni"!!! I really like his monkey outfit too!

Pam said...

Trav and I did a murder mystery in Savannah. It was fun but I bet it's a bunch better with people you know.
Looks like Riley and Brenden have one thing in common, fat cheeks. He looks adorable!

Krista said...

I love the flying monkey outfit! Funny how we probably love these things way more than the babies actually do, huh? Heehee