Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Babies Galore

Now that I'm in the Mommy club- I'm knee deep in babies!!! Or it could be that all of my friends are having babies too so it's only natural to get exposure to the lil tykes! My good friend from Utah, Kate (Crazy Kate) decided to run in PF Changs for the 1/2 Marathon. She paid for the race, trained the first week then got sick of running and just held out till race day!! That's my Hypsie pal for ya! [Hypsie: defn- what you get when you combine a Gypsy and Hippie] None-the-less she survived the 13 miles and even mustered up enough energy to hang out with John and I the eve after the race! It was great meeting her little Mr. "T" and her sister's little girl! I wish I could say that Riley was as excited as we were, but he was too busy letting us know his displeasure with the over-stuffed day we had! We left the house at 9am and didn't go home again till 11pm!!!

And how fun is it to have friends who have practically the same age little ones around! I've touched on it before and here's just another quick touch... One of these days I'll have to do a REAL post on my Mommy group that I enjoy so much! But just check out these cuties!!


Mom said...

I'm surprised Kate didn't look at least a little pained from running 13 miles without preparing!!! I love Smiley Riley on his dad's lap - you caught a great expression. Any little girls in your Mommy Club? I see only boys unless there's a tomgirl in the group! Cannon's looking great!

Jenny Brooks said...

awwww...yes, the 'mommy club' is a lifetime club, that's for sure. There comes a point, where you miss the 'ladies club' too, though. The mommy club is fun when it can still revolve around you, since they are unpicky babies, but then comes the hustling of children to the various activities. While the activities are fun, it gets hectic. I feel like Ben is not even 4 yet (almost), and I already feel like he is involved in so much....I thought I had longer to enjoy childhood... I will probably sob the first day of kindergarten. Anyway, sorry to be longwinded, but if there is one thing that is certain, having children makes you appreciate both the "mommy club" *and* the "ladies club". :) I wish my little Lydia could play with your sweet babies! And I wish I could catch up with you, Kelly, and Christine! :) We're hoping for a trip to PHX in May or so? Are you open?! :)