Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Ride!

Luke AFB has really great community relations! Since we've been here we've gotten many free handouts- mostly sporting events! Do you know how expensive sporting events are to go to??? It ranges from maybe $30 for a Pro Hockey game (not bad) to hundreds of dollars for, say.. The Fiesta Bowl with your FAVORITE college football team!

Here's where we've been:

Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Games (a couple times)
This particular picture was actually military appreciation night where they gave us hats and Tshirts too!

Fiesta Bowl of 2008.

I had no vested intrest in either team, but I always enjoy going to games!

We got pretty good seats at the Insight Bowl in Tempe at ASU's Stadium.

The Cardinals Game!! My first and only Pro-Football game I've been to! And lastly, The 2009 Fiesta Bowl! This year I felt much more energy... I don't know if it was because of the teams or if it was just cuz I was excited to watch Ohio State play!

And a couple things not pictured that we got to attend for the Right price- FREE:

  • Dancing with the Stars- the tour (Shhh, John doesn't want people to know he took me to that)
  • Diamondbacks Games
  • Did I mention the Fiesta Bowl with OSU?! Some of those tickets sold for $900+ dollars.

Thank you Uncle Sam!! You take advantage of my husband most of the time, so it's nice to get a hand out once in a while!!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha! Your pictures crack me up. :) Glad you enjoy yourself at those games!!!

BrassWillow said...

John didn't mention Dancing With The Stars when he told us the run down of all the free events.

What fun times you've had!

Jenny Brooks said...

Have you heard about the Disney military deal? If you haven't I can fwd it to you. Basically, active duty gets in free - 5 day pass w/ park hopper, and each other person is a hundred dollars, which is an amazing deal, if you haven't done the disney thing yet. I know they have a deal for Disneyland in Cali too, but I didn't read the whole form, since we're farther from CA. oh yeah, and it's good all year.

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said... Luke AFB hiring?!?! looks fun!