Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yee Haw!!

Here we (well, Riley and I) are in little Po-dunk, Texas (in the most endearing terms) visiting my folks on the Ranch. My SIL (sister-in-law) and I planned the trip together so we get to spend time with eachother and the babies too! It's been great so far and we have been taking LOADS of pictures! As if we haven't taken enough already, we have our own little photo shoot scheduled tomorrow! Life on the ranch (at least visiting) is pretty laid back and today got a dose of excitement with the saddling up of Doc, the horse. I was certain that I'd be a natural and be able to galope around the fields, hair blowing in the wind on horseback. Well, Doc had other ideas in mind and he never even broke a walk. In fact, after once or twice around the corral Doc decided that he was done listening to my commands and he decided to stop. My dad had to basically pull him around and lead him to get him to continue with my "ride." Pam got the "Fair ride" too and unfortunately, we both agreed that the anticipation of riding the horse was way more exciting than the actually event. Oh well.. here's some pictures!

"Doc! I said Giddyup!!!"
Follow the leader
Pamcakes taking the reins
The Ol' Man showin us how it's done
After all the horse play, we decided the boys needed a bath.. How could I let an occasion like that pass without posting pictures.. Seriously!


Snakeye said...

Haha! I like the duo-bath picture... you realize you're gonna have to hide that once they're in high-school. Two dudes taking a bath together just ain't cool!

Kate said...

The bath pictures are absolutely adorable! They are both so so cute!