Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rockin' Out!

Back when I was in college, since my major was essentially a P.E. major, I had to take a certain number of electives that were fitness related. I took skiing, racquetball, "how to be an aerobics instructor" but my favorite by far was a rock climbing class I took. We learned the basics in the gym and then took a 2 day "field trip" at the end of the semester to some climbing spots in Ohio. I LOVED IT!! I loved the thrill of clinging to a vertical wall, I loved the climbing community, I just loved it!!! I remember putting climbing shoes at the top of my Christmas list that winter.. My parents probably thought it was a silly fad, and who knows.. maybe it was. Ohio definitely is not know for their recreation and climbing fell into that.

Anyway- last weekend is the first time I've climbed since my college love affair with it. It was John's first time ever! We had a group trip to beautiful Queen Creek where we set up the ropes. Carissa, quite the expert among us, helped us all get strapped in and stay safe! We both took 3 climbs and we ROCKED them!! That wall didn't know what hit it! Out in Queen Creek, I was climbing 5.7s and maybe even a 5.8 (I think that 5.12 is like cliff hanger moves- crazy hard!). I was pretty proud of myself until we went to a climbing gym with our friends Jim and Tiffany... The climbing gym really brought out my humility.

John and Scott

We of course brought Riley. He got a good dose of Arizona! We all took turns keeping an eye on him and he even had a good nap laying in a perfect little bed made up by John and mother nature.


Pam said...

Cool! Did you used to go to Whipps Ledges in Hinckley? I went a couple of times in HS and college. Rock climbing is NOT my forte. I did enjoy "chimneying" up the cracks though. Not so far to fall I guess.

Chey's Dad said...

From the first time I arrived in the desert southwest (checking in at Willy in 1969) I always had the urge to stop the car and climb up those magnificent desert mountains. Naturally, I would have taken the ‘path of least resistance’ to get to the top rather than attempt to scale sheer cliffs. Beautiful country, huh?
When Riley is about 4 or 5, you can tell him about all the things he did when he was a kid… too bad he won’t be able to remember.

Mom said...

As I recall, the shoes would have been only the beginning of the expense (as in most outdoor sports), and of course one never knows how long the hot desire will last!!I'm glad you got to go again because I remember how much you loved climbing. As always, Riley looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! And great exercise!