Friday, February 6, 2009

A Super time

The dramatic loss for our Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl has left me speechless for a week... Or I've just been burried in work and finally have a minute. Either way- I am sad that the Card's victory was stolen away in the last 2 minutes of the game.. I was pretty excited for the Kurt Warner victory. Seriously, Kurt Warner has done amazing things for the AZ Pro-football program and he's definitely become one of my all time favorite quarterbacks.. Heck- maybe even all time fav athletes! Not only is he a great athlete, but also a great person and role model! Anyway, enough harping. For the big game day, John REALLY wanted to play some flag football so we found ourselves at our church, helping out with the youth event the church held. Don't you know that they played football before the game and John was a supervisor (which means he got to play as an adult with all the kiddo's).

An intense game of flag football with people half your age... Check.
Then during the game they had these blow up competitions set up, along with 3 huge TV screens, of course. It was fun watching the kids bounce around!

Riley supported the Cardnals too with his Cardinal Red Football jumper!

I just love this picture of Daddy and Riley coolin' off in the back yard.


Snakeye said...

Nice - not the Steelers fan I see. You'd be amazed on how many Air Force planes (mainly of the transport type) "break" on Super Bowl Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I love the pics that your new camera takes. They look great. I still haven't bought one yet. Maybe this week I will order one. Hopefully things are great in AZ. Talk to you soon. Love Dana

Mom said...

Riley looks pretty awesome in that red/blue outfit - the blue really pulls out his blue eyes! And I like that picture with his Daddy too. Looked like a fun day was had by all!