Friday, February 20, 2009

When Dad's Away...

John and I joke about how he fills my day so full that I feel like I'm gasping for breath just trying to keep up. So when he goes TDY, I pretty much resort to doing just the exact opposite of what John would be doing. I keep my days nice and open and breezy!!! Wake up, maybe go to the gym.. maybe not. But you can bet that sometime in my "free" time is messing with my camera. I tried out some tutorials today. Problem is that I pretty much have the memory capacity of a snail (unless it comes to memorizing song lyrics) and forget what I learned as soon as I go to apply it! I am thinking about signing up for an online course- anyone done that??? I'd love to know if it's worth it. Anyway, my friend Terri asked me to take some engagement shots of her and her fiance! I am totally flattered and excited to play "pro" for a shoot, but that leaves me wanting to check out areas for their photo-friendliness. On the way to Bashas to pick up my Redbox chick flick (Oh ya... chick flick and a glass of wine with strawberries tonight!), I drove past Pebble Creek Golf Course and decided to pull over and snap a few. Since Terri mentioned pictures in the White Tank Mountains, I think this might be a good back up spot to take pictures of the two love-birds.

A little over exposed, but I still think it's cute!
Look at my tooth!!
"Doing my best Bull Dog!"

Obviously not a picture from the golf course, but I just can't get over Riley's new trick!


Chey's Dad said...

You're getting pretty good! Do I see another hobby/career in the making?
The over exposed shot: don't forget that Print Shop or Photo Shop can do wonders with digital images - correcting exposures, enhancing colors, etc.etc. (see Trav's work at
Sometime, try going out in the desert in the spring to see if you can get some "Arizona Highways"-type photos... The idea is that anywhere your travels might take you, you will see the beauty and wonder of the landscape and people.

Mom said...

... and you have such a helper to bring with you!!! In your first picture, is that rohrshack blot in the background a golfer???? :) I think it looks like cave art!!

Anonymous said...

OMG look at how freaking HUGE that little boy is getting!!! I love his facial expression in the "push-up" picture. :)