Monday, April 20, 2009

Fighting 'till the End...

We are the Champions.
We are the Champions.
No time for losers, cuz we are the Champions...
(duh duh)
Of the World!!!

To be totally honest- It was a great night for us but it could have been any of the teams as they were all very good! We played really well and seemed to gel and of course we got some lucky calls and the ball just rolled our way! None-the-less, we were the victor's of the Spouses Crud Tournament! Don't we look tough?
I'm competitive- as you may be able to tell by this fierce picture. But being competitive, I don't think there is room for grudges. I take no notice if someone is tough and knocks me on my butt (in the spirit of the game) and I hope that my competitive nature doesn't make other's angry either.

The ceremonial Champagne toast!

This win means that guess who is in charge of setting up the next tourney in the fall (blah). Oh well, I'll just bask in the win a little longer before I start worrying about that!


Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Great season! You look like winners to me!!! SAY!!! I LOVE Riley's flight suit!!! Did you make it????

Jamie Massey said...

I'm a Top Dog... BRING IT ON!!!!

Snakeye said...

Nice; congrats. (never really got into crud - I think I always prefered 4-5-6 or something).