Thursday, April 23, 2009

High and Tight, Please

His hair wasn't out of control, but you would have thought so based on his daddy's actions.

OK- maybe I was in denial.
His hair was growing.. It might have been crowding his ears.

But the first haircut for me was... scary.
Maybe it was the fear of scissors and sharp objects so close to his innocent little face.
Maybe I wasn't ready to admit that he was old enough to get his first haircut.

None-the-less, John made the appointment at the barber shop where he gets his hair did. He goes to the Base barbershop where Sam, a wonderful and talented woman cuts his hair every other week. Sam would anticipate our son's birth while he was still hanging out in my belly and she enjoys seeing him for daddy's haircuts. She has offered a number of times that the first haircut is FREE! (For those who don't know my husband, that is talking his language!) So there he sat, on mommy's lap with a snip snip here. . . and a buzz buzz there.

She whipped out the clippers and just proceeded to do the "daddy" haircut or I guess it's a military cut.

Sam even put some product in and gave him a little spike. Oh be still my heart.

The shag look before- which I'll have you know I was perfectly fine with..
Clean-cut McPreppyson: ok, so he's still cute even after the haircut.

The haircut day again made me thank God for good friends. We, me and two girl friends had just gotten done with a workout on base and I was going to drop them off at the gate before the haircut but luckily they wanted to be a part of one of Riley's firsts too. Because of them, not only did I get some priceless photographic shots (thanks to Emily) that I will treasure for life, but the whole process was kept relatively stress free. When he would become anxious, Abby would practice her art of distraction which would put him at ease so we (Sam) could finish the cut!!! Thanks guys! I had no idea how much I needed them!!

With all that itchy hair all over him, it was time for the after haircut bath.

I am shameless..
Of course I'm putting the pictures up.


Chey's Dad said...

A "First Haircut" certificate... cool.
(What a handsome young man!)
He can put that next to his 'First Solo' certificate.

Mom said...

Very handsome!! I love the picture with no color except for the green! Very sharp photography!

Matt said...

ok that is like, the most precious post. ever. )

Matt said...

oops sorry... like my husband would say something like that! haha! BTW this is Jamie.

Pam said...

Was there enough to keep a lock of? Aren't you just glad the bald rubbed spot is gone?

Anonymous said...

Wow, he really looks like his daddy now!!! Very cute post... you are precious!

Jenny Brooks said...

Your "Sam" is our Miss Annie! We contemplate getting our own electric trimmers, but I just sit in awe every time Ben gets his he is STILL and UNMOVING. It still amazes me, even though I have been watching this for a few years now. I never knew how great Miss Annie was, until Rob told me that the *only* time I compliment him on his hair is when Miss Annie cuts it. It's funny how you get so connected to people you "do business" with. :)