Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey Cuz

It's so fun having Riley's cousin, Brenden so close in age (1 day apart). Last time we got them together was when they were around 5 months and there wasn't too much interaction. But a little over a week ago, we got back from our Texas trip and we saw a sneak peak of future playtime between the boys.

They got along well and actually didn't have a problem (yet) with sharing. I'm sure that possessive behavior comes later.

They splashed around in the bath. At first, Brenden seemed a little unsure about bath time with another baby in there with him. He sat there watching as Riley splashed around like crazy. Then he warmed up to it and we had two little monkeys splashing around.

There weren't too many toys for babies at the ranch. Don't get me wrong- my mom did a great job borrowing what she could and they had everything they needed. But as far as entertainment, they had to improvise a little (that's what growing up in the country is all about!). They loved the basket of cucumbers and were spotted waving them around on numerous occasions. We brought out the baby pool for some outdoor fun.
I can't wait till next time! They'll be probably 18 months and we'll have a little baby girl (my niece to-be) to shower with attention too!


Pamela said...

Cute pics! I think I liked the cucumbers just as much as the boys did.
Brenden looks like a sumo wrestler in that top picture.

Snakeye said...

It was a blast. I think they'll be good playmates!

Mom said...

Great playmate pics!!! What great little boys. They're not babies anymore!! I especially liked the cucumbers and the one in the tree!