Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am ONE!

Today is a Joyous day!! It was one short year ago when the accelerated string of events lead to birthing a child in the front seat of our car. And everyday since then has been an adventure! Today marks the first of many landmarks that symbolizes growth and development.

But the mood today isn't of joy. On his First Birthday, Riley came down with his first sickness- strep throat. And his first dose of Amoxicillin. He's very whiny and is running a temperature. Last night I got to practice the "Mom Skill" of determining the temperature of a child by kissing their forehead. I always wondered how they knew because I just couldn't tell.. But when you kiss foreheads as much as a mom (it's instinctive, I started laying at least 50 kisses on Riley's forehead starting the day he came out and every day since), you start to recognize what feels normal. And he is NOT normal now. He's like a furnace. Last night he woke up as many times as when he was a week old. When I would go in to comfort him, he'd be burning up and shivering in tandem. Guess we'll be laying low for a little bit.

Luckily, before the bug caught him we celebrated his birthday over the weekend. Here are the obligatory cake pictures!! Enjoy!

Just getting started...

Look at the focus and determination!!!
The baby wash

Opening his first gift! (thanks Aunt Ali)
Thanks to everyone who came and for the gifts he recieved.. They were unnecessary but appreciated none-the-less. Riley has all kinds of new toys and cute clothes to try out!


Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Riley! At least he won't remember being sick on his b-day.
He should be getting his present from his cousin soon. I was hoping it'd make it by his birthday. Lemme know when it comes!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Riley! I sure hope he feels better soon!

Jenny Brooks said...

Oh Happy day! Sorry to hear he's not feeling well. Yes, the fevers are not fun. And you're right, you can *just* tell when all is not right. I have even found it odd, when you can detect a hint of a fever - like a 99. I'm sure he'll get to feeling better. This is the second case I have heard of a baby getting strep...weird. Well, keep being the good mommy a sick little boy needs! (no one ever told me that sick children was the worst thing ever!)

Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday! Sorry to hear he didn't feel well. Hope all is well in Phoenix. Call me cause I lost my phone and lost all my numbers!!!!

Mom said...

Looks like he figured out about opening presents!! Glad he was his usual sweet self for the party!! Poor baby, being sick ON his birth day!!

Teresa, Brandon and Xander said...

wow. that seriously flew by SO fast. and he is SUCH a freakin cutie! Happy Birthday Riley!!