Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Dropped Bomb

So I've been talking about changes and one is quite obvious. We're going to have a new body to feed and care for soon. There are a couple others that aren't as obvious.

1. My beloved John is taking a solo vacation to the big sandy beaches of the desert. If you're not sure what I mean, I'm talking about Iraq. He's deploying with the New Jersey Guard to head over there for 2 months.

The Good:
  • Normal deployments for the f16 community over there are twice as long so 2 months seems like a very quick trip.
  • We will be able to communicate while he's over there which is great!
  • He will be flying over there, which is what he loves and feels like he finally get's to put to use all the "practice" he's done.
  • I have always felt that I am happy my husband is a pilot since I feel that it's much safer in the air than on the ground. Couple that with knowing that John is in God's hands, I can rest in God's peace even though there is inherent danger in the assignment.
  • This is an opportunity to grow, both in faith and strength. I always hear of how military wives are a strong breed!! I feel pretty spoiled thus far since John has not had to deploy when so many other families (my brother being one of them) are dealing or have dealt with much higher quantity or quality of deployment.
  • He'll be with some good guys and he'll be doing some great stuff to support and defend our nation!
The Bad:
  • Timing so has it that he won't be present for the birth of our daughter... Guess his up close and personal approach last time seemed to scare him off. So, rest assured, there is NO CHANCE that John will deliver this one.
2. We have a new roommate! Several months ago our friend, Carissa moved here from Missouri to finish an internship for her masters degree. She was staying with her brother and sister-in-law while her brother (a friend of ours in the f16 community) was himself deployed to the desert. When she first moved out here, I made it known that if she needed anywhere else to stay, she was welcome at our home. Well, her brother got back this month and she has moved in with us. Timing couldn't be more perfect, with the whole above news. She not only is a good friend but is so helpful at being that extra set of hands that I long for when John is gone! She's adventurous and fun (amazing rock climber), kinda hippy like me, but somehow organized and neat too. I still don't get how that combo works.. I'm hippy, but I always thought that my disorganization when hand in glove with my laid back outlook ... Maybe there's hope for me after all. Here are some not so recent pics of her from last year, but you get the idea.

I'd prefer not to put dates of John's deployment on my blog, but if you're the praying type maybe you could say a little prayer for us when we cross your mind.


Mom said...

There's nothing like the understanding that comes from first-hand experience, huh??? I've developed the habit of lifting up those who come to mind, especially if they just jump in there!! I figure there's a reason for the presence of that memory or thought!!! So, I'll think of you both and lift up often!!! :)

JonandLo said...

We will keep him in our prayers! And you and Riley too..sheesh...lots going on right now w/ your family. I'm glad someone is there w/ you to lighten the load! Hope Ry heels fast!