Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whirlwind Trip

Originally John and I were planning on doing the mission trip to Africa together. But... Life happens like it always does, I got pregnant and was unable to get a vital shot that I needed for the trip so that left me without a plan. John insisted that I make a trip to Ohio while he's gone to keep me busy and enjoying friends and family.

It sure did keep me busy! I learned a number of things.
  1. Pay for the extra seat for your toddler... Sure you can save $200+ bucks but is it really worth your sanity for 4 hours while you are a human jungle gym??
  2. Don't watch your bag go around the carousel and think, "I'll get it when everyone has cleared out." ... Everyone did clear out, and someone must have thought my bag was packed with goodies for them since I never saw it again. (Good thing it was all Riley's stuff which is much easier to replace than mine).
  3. Each day away gets more and more stressful as toddler boy unravels at the seams.. So next time when planning an 11 day trip with you and a toddler, apply this KISS principle... Keep It Short, Stupid!
  4. Instead of paying the extra $50 each way to have my pack n' play, stop at Once Apon a Child and pick up a $25 pack n play then return it when the trip is done- Brilliant!!
  5. Fly Southwest! Because of them I was able to visit as many people as possible and not feel bad when moving my flight home up a few days since it was FREE!!!
  6. Do stop and see great grandparents whenever a chance presents itself.. It's so awesome seeing them interact with your baby!!
  7. Don't forget to drag out the camera for such an action packed trip. You'll regret it if you do forget.

Drive to IL to get Great Grandma Tigger, Uncle Tim and Aunt Rhonda (+ Stacey) some great grand baby time (with my brother + sis in law)

Drive to PA to get other Great Grandma and Uncle some Riley time.

Hung out with Katey and family for a few days!

And surprise visited our old high school basketball coach, McCombs!
Got to hang out with college friends, Krista and Kelly and HS friend Marybeth (different stops). Sorry that I didn't take pictures, but luckily Kel took some of our visit that I could steel!
Got to meet Kelly's adorable little guy, Kai (seriously the smiley-est baby I've ever seen!)


Mom said...

I really enjoyed seeing everyone. Kelly's baby is adorable! Coach McCombs looks the same as always, and Katey looks great too!!! I see McCombs is a facebook friend now! After all this... how good it is to be home!!!!!

Snakeye said...

Dude, it was a good time. Glad you came out! Give the Rilester a throw for me!

Chey's Dad said...

Experience is a great teacher. It'll be a piece of cake the next time.
That was a stroke of genius about the pack-n-play… I wonder if other mom’s do that?
I hope whoever walked away with your suitcase ended up with a sack full of dirty diapers.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from susannah's anyway. I traveled alot with my toddler and when I would check in I would go to gate and ask if there were any extra seats and only 1 out of 7 times we didn't get that free seat.(and they would move us together) Nicole