Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today is kinda a big deal for both Riley and I. My lil monster is 18months today!! These last 6 months have certainly flown by in comparison to last year at this time (although that time seemed pretty quick too).

Here is my one man team (although not for too much longer since lil sis will be joining him soon).

"I've got a great idea!!! Nice, open field.. nice day- I'm going to play football!!"

"Blue-42.. Hut Hut Hike!"
"Go long!!"
"Running the slant route-- ooh ooh.. I'm open!! I'm open!!"

"...perfecting my best Heisman-- CBS Sports: check me out!!!"

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant.. Only 10 to go (pending the lil girl cooperates)! This time around has gone so much faster- perhaps something to do with the business of chasing an active toddler around! None-the-less, time is flying and I can't wait to see her! There are tons of changes to come but I'll reserve that for another blog in the near future.

Without further adieu, here I am at 30 weeks along.


Pam said...

Happy 1.5 Riley! It's amazing how fast time flies.

Jamie said...

Riley is TOO CUTE for words! And you look fabulous!! Any names picked out for Baby Girl Wilson yet? :)

Mom said...

Very cute little quarterback!!! And Jamie is right, you do look great!!! Things are sure moving right along!!!!

JonandLo said...

Thanks for the prego pic, I love seeing your little cute self. Your little guy is adorable..can't wait to see his baby sister when she comes!