Friday, May 14, 2010

Did we make it to the Hospital?

After weeks of feeling like it could really happen any day, sheeeeeeeee's HERE!!

So after my facebook post, I got alot of questions whether we made it to the hospital this time. After all, 24 minutes from the time my water broke to delivery doesn't quite work with the 40 minute hospital drive we had to take. What a bad combo for me... short labors, long hospital drive. But there was no alternative since my awesome doctor only delivers at Thunderbird Hospital and I was not about to find a new doc- he's like family to me.

Let's go back to Monday, May 10th. (cue dreamy harp music and fog)

While Labor Coach, Judi (my mom) and I were out to Kohls spending her mothers day gift card, I couldn't help but notice a change in my normal status. Instead of the normal tightening braxton hicks contractions, I was feeling a little more crampy that day- nothing big or painful but just crampy. Trying to be totally in tune with my body as not to miss any signs of labor, I carefully monitored the cramps all day which were not subsiding. Dinner came and went and the cramps were still there, not really painful but just different from what I had been experiencing. After discussing with my mom, John (I kept him in the loop via email and he was calling periodically to check in on me) and my Bradley Instructor, I decided to try to catch some "ZZZZ's" figuring that if that was the real deal, I could use the rest and if it's strong enough to capture my attention during sleep that I should take it more seriously. I laid in bed restless for 2 hours and at midnight got up to go further discuss with my mom.

With so many moving parts (Riley's care, making to the hospital, my doc being there to deliver me, etc), I had a lot to consider... I decided that instead of just waiting for something more to happen at home, risking a repeat of last time that we'd go to the hospital then and if need be, I could always just try to jump start my labor by walking/squatting. And with Riley's somewhat fragile state (he's been very clingy to mommy since daddy's been away and even dropping him off in the church nursery is an ordeal), I figured it was a perfect time to go since he was sound asleep in bed, none the wiser. I called my friend, Tiffany and asked her to come over and sleep at my place as my mom and I left for the hospital and Tiff being the great and generous friend she is, was at my door in minutes. On the way to the hospital, Mom and I said a little prayer for God to work out all the unknowns and details and to calm my anxiety of actually going to the hospital this time!! OK- cue time line:

  • 1:36 am- Arrived at Banner Thunderbird Hospital
  • 1:51 am- Checked in with OB Triage to determine whether I should be admitted or sent home. I was having contractions 5 mins apart lasting 40-60 seconds.
  • 2:11 am- Got a 10 minute explanation how doctors aren't really coming in on nights and weekends and those cases are covered by the on-call docs. My hopes of having my doctor deliver me were dashed... I was scared... I'm one of those "birth plan" ladies (which I am sure is a nuisance to doctors) and my doctor and I had worked hard to come to an agreement with those plans.
  • 2:21 am- Triage nurse left to get on-call doc.
  • 2:27 am- MY Doctor walked through the door!!! YAY!!! Praise God!!!
  • 2:38 am-3:10am- Moved up to L&D room and got hooked up to moniters and getting a dose of antibiotics b/c of testing positive for GBS
  • 3:12 am- My doc came in and checked me (6cm) and broke my water
  • 3:36 am- Good Morning and Happy Birthday Scarlett!!! (I'll spare you the details of the most violent 24 minutes of my life)
In the end, it's all worth the pain!!! For those of you who are jealous of my fast and easy labors... I'll give you fast but I assure you that they are NOT easy!!!!

More pictures to come- of course!!


Snakeye said...


I get the first comment! I love her. The coolest thing is: not everything goes according to plan. Birth plan, kid plan, whatever... take it as it comes - and I think you did that.

She's beautiful. I'm proud to call her call her my niece. I hope that someday I'm her favorite Uncle.

Good job. I admire your fortitude. Like young "Roadrash" (Riley), she will be an AWESOME kid. I can't wait to meet her.

She's safe... She's gorgeous. I'm proud that she's ultimately inducted into the Winslow family. (and I love the name, even if she doesn't have red hair).

Ruff her up... and more importantly, Riley too... DaDAAAA.

- Travis

Laurie Knowlton said...

She's absolutely precious, Cheyenne:) I'm so glad you had a safe and healthy delivery! Maybe someday we'll actually get to meet, and I can see those cute little buggers in person!!

By the way, I was wondering what color you might be doing her nursery? Pastels or brights? Any particular color(s)?

Hugs, Laurie

Monica said...

I'm a big "birth planner" too and pretty much EVERY single thing I had in my birth plan happened the exact opposite of what I had originally planned. Funny how that works.
She's beautiful! Congrats to you both!

JonandLo said...

She is beautiful just like her mommy. congratulations, you must be thrilled!! I'm glad all went well. Can't wait for pics

Mom said...

AMEN on the fast but NOT so easy labor!!! Been there, done that!!! It must be a family trait!!! : )

Brandon and Teresa R said...

wow...she is BEAUTIFUL! COngrats, and welcome to life of mommy-of-two!!