Friday, May 21, 2010


Ahhh.. It's over. All that stress for nothing!

Ya see, back in January when I returned from my Ohio trip and John from the mission trip to Ghana, Riley did not take too kindly to being away from daddy for those 1o days. Not too kindly at all!! It took almost two weeks for Riley to stop running away crying from daddy. He was extremely needy on me and it was rough for everyone. That was only 10 days... this time it was 2 months- and I was worried!! I imagined a repeat of that little boy attached to my hip, only this time I'd have a brand new, totally dependent baby when daddy arrived home. It might have kept me up on some nights, worrying about how that reunion would go.

Well- no more worries! It went AWESOME!!! Of course I was thrilled to see my loving husband's face as our eyes met and he strutted toward us through the airport. And turns out I wasn't the only one bursting with excitement!!! Riley didn't skip a beat! We got him out of the stroller and he ran, not walked, but ran over to daddy to get a great big hug!!!

The anticipation...

Two happy boys!Daddy meeting his daughter for the first time!

Looks like the daddy story time and skyping helped out a lot! Daddy was always in Riley's conversations and on his mind! Phhhhew!

Once home, the play began and they picked up right where they left off!

After the exhausting play (not to mention the jet lag that John had), it was time for a much needed nap. John swooped Ri up in his blanket and laid down with him on the couch. Let me tell you that our son does NOT sit still. The only time that he has really spent time cuddling with me (or anyone) for more than minute increments was when he broke his collar bone. It doesn't happen. However, my little busy body must have made an exception for daddy. He laid on daddy for 20 minutes, eyes open and just enjoying the moment then finally even nodded off.

Pure Bliss!Needless to say, we are so happy that daddy's home! We are now a complete family again and boy does it feel good!!!


Chey's Dad said...

Welcome back, John!
When Chey and Trav were growing up, it was one of my most anticipated pleasures to have them run up and leap into my arms when I returned from a TDY or business trip ( ...although it got a little physically challenging by the time they were teenagers)
May Riley and Scarlett joyfully jump into your arms each and every time you come back home!

Monica said...

How sweet! Love those pictures! Glad you're all together again!

Laurie Knowlton said...

Box of kleenex, PLEASE!!! So glad you're all together, safe, sound and happy!

Aunt Rhonda said...

I'll bet anyone in the airport watching that reunion had a tear. I read the story to Grandma Tigger. SWEET!!

Jamie said...

I'm tearing up over here!! What a happy ending. :) And your little girl is adorable by the way!!