Monday, February 14, 2011

9 months

How can I only have 3 months left of this little one's first year???  She's my sweet baby! 

Just as anticipated, she waited till the thick of our move to start crawling and once she started that, she also discovered standing.  The problem is that she's not very stable and needs near constant assistance and supervision, but she doesn't see that.  She just knows that she likes it.  So now when I try to put her down on the floor, she pikes her body so I can't just sit her down..  which leaves me with 2 choices:  Either 1) I stand there and hold her hands as she proudly (and wobbly) stands there and I get nothing done or 2)I could prop her on the nearest structure and let her balance and explore on the [ottoman]--fill in the blank.  Sometimes I can hoist her forward into a crawl position, but she WILL NOT be made to sit.

And when she cries- she is a spitting image of her brother!!!



Jamie said...

She is ADORABLE!! I also can't believe my little babe is going to be one in less than 2 months!! ahhh!

Mike and Judi Winslow said...
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Mom said...

OK, so what made such a big sad face???? :(